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    I am mom to 4 awesome kids. My daughter is 24. My 3 sons are 28,26,and 17. I have 2 great daughters in law and 3 of the greatest grandbabies in the whole world and another one coming in July! I am married to the love of my life. We will be celebrating our 29th anniversary soon. Thank you Jesus for my blessings.
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    love to spend time in my new sewing room
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  1. I love to sew and can tat some but have not crocheted since I was a kid. Now I am teaching myself. I am having trouble reading patterns. I have not been able to find a book to help either. When the pattern says crochet in the "same stitch" does this mean the next stitch? To me "same stitch" would be just what it says but that doesn't work with the pattern. Help please and thank you in advance.
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