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    Im a SAHM to two Howie and Ethan and the UPS mans wife
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    chasing kids and crocheting and knitting inbetween
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    being a mom
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    things I can finish fast and that I can use bright colors on
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    since 1983
  1. so cute!! They're addicting, im warning you.
  2. On Friday, I got a LOVELY package from Kim. Its a miracle I got it before christmas. DH works at UPS so I heard what was going on behind the scenes.There were wicked storms out here, planes didnt make it, cans didnt get unloaded... alot happened and Im sure alot of people didnt get boxes. But I did.. and Im pleased as punch! I left my camera at my moms, so I will post pics this afternoon. I was def. spoiled. Thank you so much kim!
  3. My brother is 16 and he likes the skater hats i make for him.
  4. oh wait.. those were all knit.. I'll keep looking ok... they have a free pattern at lionbrand.com look for pattern #70440AD
  5. Oh wow... theres a book out there called 200 ripple stitch designs or something like that. I think it covers every single ripple pattern ever and then some. You might want to check that out. I wish I could be more helpful! Theres a blanket pattern that Im looking for and I know I'll never find it.
  6. Thanks everyone! He is pretty cute if I do say so myself About his eyes... people always ask where he got them as my eyes are kinda green and DHs are brown so I tell them he got them from his Grandpa Elvis ( I LOOOVE Elvis)
  7. Ok, so his nickname is Goobie, his real name is Ethan. I wanted to make a mohawk hat since someone mentioned it on my princess hat post. I didnt have any wool other than the red, and it doesnt really go with the green, but now that I know it works, I'll make another ( or 10) in other, matching colors. He was eating tacos and wasnt so excited I wanted to take pictures of him, thats why he has that face.
  8. Does anyone have this pattern that they can share or point me in the right direction? thank you!
  9. ooh a CAL! I posted on the other thread that I found 1 skein of baby bright ombre that I LOVE! It didnt look so hot on the skein, but in the rectangle, its cute. Too bad they didnt have more .
  10. oh goodness... I bought the very last skein of SS baby bright ombre at Michaels last night and I LOOOVE it! It didnt look too cute on the skein, but its making a cute rectangle. I wish that had more
  11. I was wondering the same thing! She posted the pattern for us.
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