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  1. Thanks so much for the url -- :-) >> Now, I can make slip stitches and double crochets instead of rods and chains. I was starting to worry about my brother having a leaning toward violence there what with all the rods and chains and all ... << too funny! ;-D
  2. Since she had been crocheting before (although it was a long time ago), she may find the Stitch 'n Bit*h Crochet book very good as both a refresher course for the stitches she can't fully remember, as well as, a source of interesting and easy patterns to keep her occupied for the winter -- :-)
  3. I love the pic -- and I will bet he does not need to wear reflective clothing at night! LOL
  4. >> I cant wait to go to Michael's tomorrow just to see what kind of crochet/knitting accessories I can find to use the coupons on. << Erin - you are soooo lucky that your Michael's allows you to use more than one coupon on the same visit / day. The one here absolutely does NOT allow that, permitting only ONE coupon per customer per DAY! At first, customers with more than one coupon would be told they could only use ONE coupon per VISIT. Well, of course, we regular customers took that to mean "go out to your car to put your first coupon purchase in the trunk, then go back into the store and buy the next item with the second coupon before going home!" :-) Needless to say, the store noticed what was happening after awhile, so then decreed that the SAME customer could use only ONE coupon per DAY! :-( Well! Now, most of us savvy (mark that as "serious") customers never go into the store alone anymore -- we make sure to have enough extra cash handy to give to one of our kids, along with the one item to use with the extra coupon, and send them thru the same check-out line stationed one or two customers ahead of ourselves! Mine then waits for me near the front of the check-out stations. ;-) I usually save these types of "family" shopping trips for when the items I want are the really expensive things that I could not otherwise find a good savings on, like a new crochet book. Of course, bribery sometimes plays a part -- at least for me -- which I happily pay my DD by way of stopping somewhere to pick up a copy of her favorite magazine or for a fruit smoothie on the way home, something I'd be doing anyway! :-D
  5. I'd have to agree with those who say it depends on the type of pattern, yarn, and hook for me, as to whether I can work by sight or touch -- sometimes the yarn is slippery and even tho' the pattern may have easy stitches, I have to watch a little closer to make sure I don't have one slip off the hook -- :-)
  6. I love that book -- so many things in it that I am planning to make. I have made several of the Knot Ugly shrug -- a very quick and easy pattern that takes me maybe 2 days to complete from start to finish; also 3 of the Cold Shoulders capelet -- another easy pattern to follow; and about a dozen of the one-skein scarf, in so many colors and textures. I have also made 2 of the Short 'n Sweet bolero, both of which came out beautifully even though I found the first time through to be a little tricky, but I received lots of help from another (on this site, I think, tho it might have been from another site -- it's been awhile, so I don't remember) crocheter who literally walked me thru it. She was so kind and patient with all the questions I had, and was extremely helpful. :-) No matter what you choose first, you will find yourself planning the next item before you finish. :-)
  7. >> None of them were very big, just a few rows here and there. Plus, for some reason, I didn't have enough of the same yarn to complete them? I don't even remember starting most of them! << Tell yourself that they were "gauge swatches" -- that would make me feel a little better about tossing them out, if they were mine. :-)
  8. I noticed the knitting only theme, too. Plus, they seem to be a little skimpier than usual on content. Maybe some of the writing staff is on vacation (or maybe the ones who crochet are tied up trying to finish their holiday gifts?) :-)
  9. I also never leave home without my crochet tote (a small one, but with pockets and room enough for a couple skeins of yarn and my hookcase and pattern). Even at get-togethers, no one minds if I am crocheting -- I do make it a small-size item, though, usually squares or a scarf or something similar. That way, I can quickly pack it up if needed. :-) >> I took my son to the movies Saturday and even wondered if I could bring some in there with me but decided against it. << I wonder if the new lighted hooks would work in this type of situation without bothering anyone next to you? Has anyone here tried those in such a location? >> I wish I didn't get motion sick though, I spend 3 hours a day minimum in the car with my husband driving. If I didn't get so ill, I could do so much crochet! << I am so sorry that motion sickness affects you that way. I can sure sympathize with you, except that (lucky for me, I guess) my medical problem works backwards for me in the car -- I have Meniere's Disease (the violent spinning vertigo), which is unpredictable in the timing of the attacks. Traveling in the car, though, I am usually able to keep the attacks from happening as long as I keep crocheting. My doctors can't figure out why; the only thing I can think is that crocheting seems to keep my brainwaves calmer and occupied in a way that prevents the "wires" from "short-circuiting". Since increasing my time crocheting, I have been able to cut back on my meds (the ones for the Meniere's) which is also healthier for me. :-)
  10. >> My neighbor just told me about this b&b in central Arlington. It only has 7 rooms but also has guest cottages. And complete spa services. It's The Sanford House ... << Okay, I've finally caught up on the rest of the posts and agree that the B&B idea sounds wonderful. I love what the Sanford House offers and the fact that it is also handicap-accessible is important for me (I have to use a wheelchair most of the time). Looking forward to hearing more of what others have to say. :-)
  11. >> I wonder if there's a good LYS somewhere near the center of the state.. so it would be as equi-distant as possible for everyone.... << Haven't finished reading all the posts, yet, but had to poke my head in to comment before I lose the thought -- fibro-fog really bad lately. :-} This sounds like a wonderful plan. I live in SW Arlington, too -- close to the I-20 and Cooper Street area (the intersection that houses at least 2 to 3 good yarn sources, and The Parks Mall). There are also a number of fairly new and nice hotels that are budget-friendly located there, as well, along with tons of restaurants and shopping (Super Target and Super Walmart are right there, too). And at the Parks Mall there is a huge court that houses food, stores, movie theater, and ice skating rink, with lots of open seating that includes plenty of tables and chairs for most everyone. Being located right on the highway, it is really easy to access and exit. Just a thought. Am looking forward to reading the rest of the posts and hearing more. :-)
  12. >> Dogs have owners.. cats have staff! << How true! :-) I am a late night kind of person and my kitties keep me company til two or three in the a.m. when I am finally able to go to bed. Even then, they have the run (literally!) of the house. I have a Norwegian Forest (14 y.o. and still acts like a kitten), a Heinz 57 black and white tuxedo short hair, and a Maine Coon (who thinks and acts like a kitten). The short hair and the Maine Coon are both 3 y.o. and both weigh about 23 lbs each (which is okay on the Maine Coon, but not so much on the short hair), so when they jump into stuff, like my yarn and crochet basket, things really go flying! How true the saying -- "every dog has his day, but the nights belong to us pussycats". :-D
  13. Lisa, your babies are adorable. I am like you -- I have 3 fur babies (all kitties) and I love them. But, they do act like we are their servants! LOL And they also believe that anything and everything in the house is for their use, if they so choose. :-D Mine love to sit close to me and watch the yarn moving up and down. Then they decide I need help and jump into the basket to get the next skein. And Julie is right -- they are every bit as smart as a person, so it takes some effort to keep one step ahead of them when it comes time to sort and put away. :-)
  14. I love that pattern and have made several for dd and friends. Like you, the guage was right, but for some reason the final sizing was off, so I stick with the medium size, too, and it all works up fine. And it is the quickest garment I have ever crocheted -- only 2 days from start to finish. :-)
  15. It is a truly intricate stitch that creates gorgeous patterns. A close-up of the Beauvais stitch, as it is called, is shown here: http://www.vintagebag.com/e0004.html
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