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    Im a stay at home mother with 2 boys. I have been crocheting since 2005 but its been off and on so im still kinda on the basics...
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    Singing, crocheting, cooking every now and then
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    granny squares and baby blankets
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  1. So glad you liked your package tiff!!! I received yours and was so excited! So much stuff for everyone in the family!!! Will upload pictures later.
  2. Got my package today!!!! So excited about all of the stuff...will try to take pics of it all later today!!!!
  3. A blanket i sewed for my mom and some burp cloths i sewed for a friend, there was a blanket to match the burp cloths but i forgot to get a pic.
  4. A few washcloths i've been working on.
  5. Fun towel holders...some are patterns from Ravelry and the other are ones i just came up with off the top of my head.
  6. Man i have such an amazingly talented bff....geeze she's so lucky to have me to make things for....hahaha...Thank you so much for making them...they are awesome and i can't wait for them to get here!!!! Just wait one day ill be as awesome as you....jk...not likely...hahaha...love you though!!!!!
  7. hi partner cant wait to get to know you better!!!!
  8. So excited to join this swap for my first swap...yay!
  9. Thats bc i have an awesome teacher!!!!
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