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  1. Hi Everyone: Here's a nice assortment of some really pretty girl's sweater crochet patterns that are fairly unique in terms of their look. Enjoy! http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/girls-sweater-crochet-patterns.html
  2. You might find something useful here http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/easy-crochet-patterns-for-baby-sets.html
  3. Here are some neat patterns for table runners if that would help http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/free-crochet-patterns-for-table-runners.html
  4. How about some easy key chains? Here is a nice assortment of crochet patterns for making them http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/crochet-patterns-key-chains.html
  5. You might try some of these horse and pony crochet patterns http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/crochet-patterns-horses-and-ponies.html
  6. You might try one of these - I how they help http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/dog-and-cat-toy-crochet-patterns.html
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