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    I love to crochet, I've just started a small crochet business, making various items. Keepsake Krochet. I'm working on getting my website up and running and I'll be starting a blog shortly. I'm on Facebook and Twitter as well. I love to learn new crochet stitches, and I'm in process of learning to design my own patterns.
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    Las Vegas
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    Crochet, Photography, Scrapbooking anything creative
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    Michaels Crochet Instructor
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    Shawls and Blankes
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    17 years
  1. I'm learning to scrapbook. I have tons of pictures from the wedding so I really want to get those into a book.
  2. That's lovely! I adore the little animals, it's too cute! Great job.
  3. Ha! I'd keep that too! It came out gorgeous, great work!
  4. I just started my official Keepsake Krochet Blog- "In the loop" I will be learning a new crochet stitch every day for the next year and I will try out the stitch, write about it and post a swatch of what I've done. I hope you guys can check out my newest stitch! http://keepsakekrochet.com/?p=42
  5. I'm 25 and I've been crocheting since I was 7... It feels like forever, I've always had a hook in hand and yarn at my feet lol.
  6. I love the P hook I also like the Q hook too for my 4 strand large afghans.
  7. I usually use a N hook it's really easy to use with two strands.
  8. Oh, I love that color! The shawl looks great! I love the shape, it came out beautiful.
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