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    Keepsake Krochet
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    I love to crochet, I've just started a small crochet business, making various items. Keepsake Krochet. I'm working on getting my website up and running and I'll be starting a blog shortly. I'm on Facebook and Twitter as well. I love to learn new crochet stitches, and I'm in process of learning to design my own patterns.
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    Las Vegas
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    Crochet, Photography, Scrapbooking anything creative
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    Michaels Crochet Instructor
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    17 years
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    Shawls and Blankes
  1. KeepsakeKrochet


    Welcome to Crochetville! There are lots of patterns and lots of help for you here!
  2. KeepsakeKrochet

    Mousie Hoodie

    Aww that is so sweet! I love it!
  3. KeepsakeKrochet

    Tote bags

    Those are so cute!
  4. KeepsakeKrochet

    Ruffled Baby Blanket - Pink/brown

    Beautiful! I love the pink/brown combination. It's adorable. Great work!
  5. KeepsakeKrochet

    Pink Diagonal Box Stitch

    I LOVE the diagonal box stitch, it's so pretty. I have one my grandmother crocheted for me when I was born, it's still beautiful as ever!
  6. KeepsakeKrochet

    African Flower afghan from rosy scraps

    Wow, that is gorgeous!
  7. KeepsakeKrochet

    commissioned wedding afghan finished

    Aww that is so sweet! I'm sure the happy couple will love it!
  8. KeepsakeKrochet

    Little Girl's Summer Bolero

    That's adorable! Great job!
  9. KeepsakeKrochet

    Lace Pinafore

    Aww that is just darling! Any little girl would be happy to have that.
  10. KeepsakeKrochet

    Popcorn Strips Afghan finished

    Oooh that is just lovely! I love it!
  11. KeepsakeKrochet

    Hi all Crocheters!

    Welcome! I make lots and lots of wash cloths, they are so fun and durable. I hope you like it here at Crochetville!
  12. KeepsakeKrochet

    Baby Blanket

    Congratulations! It looks beautiful!
  13. KeepsakeKrochet

    Texas toast tote

    That's so pretty! I love it!
  14. KeepsakeKrochet

    Mereille's Strap

    Very creative, I love it!
  15. KeepsakeKrochet

    My version of Mary Jo's Tote

    Very cute, I like the color combination. The strap is cool too.