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  1. I just started this pattern. I got to row 6 using the green color for that row. Now when I went to start row 7 the white color is at the wrong side. Will I need a new skein for the white as well as the green or did I mess up somewhere? Thanks!!
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    I'm working on a prayer shawl and have 244hdc and one ch-2 sp st the end of the first row. Row 2: Ch 2, turn, hdc in horizontal bar of next hdc and in each hdc across to next ch-2 sp (2hdc, ch2, 2hdc) in ch-2sp. Then continue with same pattern prior. My problem is that I should end up with 368 hdc. I have no idea what to do. I have a picture of what horizontal bar to use but if I do that stitch and in every hdc won't that just double the number of stitches. I'm so confused!!! Thanks for any help! Lindsey
  3. Yes. Chain 3, turn, then dc in next ch. So, after the turn, skip the the first ch and the dc in the second ch? Its a gift I'm making and just want to be really clear! Thanks!!
  4. When a pattern has you chain 3(counting as first dc), turn and then dc in NEXT ch does this mean that I still skip the first ch and the NEXT ch actually means the second or do I not skip the first ch? Thanks! Lindsey
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