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    I'm a SAHM of 3 and married to a wonderful husband. We have what our friends and family like to call a "farm", we have goats, chickens, 2 Great Pyrenees, and an English Angora bunny. I enjoy most crafts but try to focus on crocheting and jewelry making.
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    Crocheting, loom knitting, sewing, jewelry making, most arts and crafts
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    For crochet? Animal hats
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    Learned as a child but have been crocheting more seriously since about 2003.
  1. I think I'm going to use this pattern but make them longer. http://bigcraftyblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/floppy-bunny-hat.html
  2. Oooh, thanks. I browsed around and those have some pretty good reviews. I think I'll try those! Thanks!
  3. I always forget about Amazon, thanks!
  4. I've been trying find a pattern for long bunny ears for a hat I'm making a friend, as a gift but can't find any I really like. They're either too fat or just shaped weird, IMO. She wants the ears to come to about shoulder length. She's been waiting on these hats for... a few weeks now, lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  5. I was thinking alligator clips. I found some for a good price on Etsy.
  6. I thought about crocheting some fascinators but as this is a first for me I don't know what kind of clips would be best since, I would think, crocheted items like this would be heavier than the usual flowery fascinators. SO, has anyone crocheted any fascinators and if so what have you found to work best? I also thought about, possibly, using headbands....
  7. At this very moment I'm working on a super soft and fuzzy bear hat.
  8. Bummer, I missed it. I love your bag!!!
  9. You should keep an eye out for sales at Hobby Lobby, when they have sales they have SALES!!! I bought some yarn there a few years back, normally $7 and I got them for $2!!! WOOT, lol. Edited to say: You can also check out your local thrift stores, hehehe.
  10. FINISHED, whoohoo! Glad to get that one done, LOL. The ears are standing up pretty well. I'm happy with it.
  11. I'm pretty happy with how the finished ear is staying. I haven't had the opportunity to finish the other one yet but will take pics as soon as I'm done. I stitched the second one last night only to realize it was not in the right spot, lol.
  12. Actually, I'm almost done stitching the second ear on but I'm going to post pics as soon as it's done to get opinions.... As for the rest of the ears I wonder if it would be a good idea to put some pipe cleaners in the edges? I've never done that before but I know they're used a lot for similar projects. Any opinions?
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