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  1. Alex is home from the hospital. He has some sort of viral infection that is going around the doc at the hospital said they have seen over a hundred kids lately with this virus that makes their asthma worse. So he is home with new meds but still having difficulties with the asthma. the virus will run its course and he now has to see a pulmanary specialist and his regular doc asap

  2. Alexs asthma showed up in the xray. Not a good sign for him coming home. He definitely has a viral infection showed up in the swaps. He is coughing up mucus so its not certain if he is going to come home today now. One good thing his oxygen level is in the 90's as its fluctuating up and down

  3. Alex is being admitted to the hospital. his asthma is not getting any better and his oxygen level is dropping. His lungs are starting to crackle and his peds doc cant do anything more at home he is not responding to home treatment. Wish us luck with an autistic boy who cannot stand needles

  4. ok living room and kitchen are touched up by daughter where they were scrapped up form moving things around (again). I fixed the coat hanger that goes over the door after daughter ripped if off last spring its back on the kitchen door. daughter caulked the basement stairs window so that cold doesnt leak in we are beginning to winter proof the house (again). thinking about putting plastic on the old very large picture window in living room but not until after Christmas so the tree can sit t...

  5. working on some crocheting for Carol Greenup-Leitch group and working on a couple christmas presents as well.

  6. At times I can be incredibly dumb

  7. today alex doesn't seem to be getting better so pale and so cranky. (SIGH)

  8. i ve got my slippers on and we have food meat loaf and acorn squash for dinner tonight

  9. Its a cold and dreary day. Must get some food today and watch over Alex. Kinda boring day really

  10. won my fight with amazon and got my money back YEA ME in three days I will have it back

  11. on my mind = Nothing, nada,

  12. thank you for self cleaning ovens LOL

  13. My brother-in-law Victor lost his battle with cancer yesterday and my thoughts are with my nephews Eric and Gy and their respective families. He is now at peace and the brothers my Attila and Victor are reunited.

  14. mind =??????????????????????