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  1. I've seen it a bit lower than that on sale. I'm not sure about the shipping, since I mostly buy in-store.
  2. The peacock color is absolutely my favorite!! It's gorgeous!
  3. That is interesting. I bought some not long ago (month or so ago) and it was the same as usual.
  4. I Love This Yarn is my go-to yarn. I have a hobby lobby in town, so I go often! It is so soft and gets softer with each wash. It doesn't fuzz up like simply soft tends to.
  5. I have a skein. I ordered my skeins directly from red heart. It's a medium yarn. Worsted weight and calls for a J size hook. It's a little fuzzy and has parts that are thicker and parts that are thinner.
  6. Actually used up some yarn!! Finished a ball on the blanket for my bed.
  7. I went to school with the authors daughter and have loved her books since she started writing!! I'm very detail oriented and have quite the knack for grammar and spelling (my kids call me the grammar police), so I was the perfect fit. And I'm cheap. Lol. I'd do it for free just to get to read the books I would already be buying!!
  8. Going to be taking a small break from crocheting and online. I landed a job as a copy editor for one of my favorite authors and she just sent me her next book to edit. I have a week to get it read, edited and back to her! I am SOOO excited. This is my absolute dream job!! Getting paid to read books and correct the errors I find is perfection to me!!
  9. Rolled 2 balls this week. So this week is WTD: -2
  10. Starting off the week at a -4. Got the yarn for a baby blanket last night. It's huge skeins of red heart, but it seems to be going fast.
  11. Actually used yarn this week!! Will be all downhill next week, though. Have to buy yarn for a baby blanket for a cousin! WTD: +2
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