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  1. Good Morning All. Want to say thank you for this forum and look forward to seeing what you are all working on. I'm currently working on a project by Loops and Threads (Charisma Yarn) and the product is a long western looking wrap. It is in a Loops and Thread booklet sold at Michael's. I have a question that sneaked into my brain and I can't seem to ignore it. Question is: Since all the pieces of this long wrap are flat (no arm holes), would it be a valid idea to sew a lining somehow to the pieces (before trying to put it all together) in order to hold the shape a bit better? If so, would fleece be a good option you think? How would you sew it on? Sewing machine, hand sew, or try to perhaps do a sc around the edges? Can you punch holes in fleece? eek! This may well be a lousy idea. The pattern says nothing about doing any such thing. Would like your thoughts. Thanks. Evon/OKC
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