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    Just a deaf dude. Thunder's my nickname since '03 and it has nothing to do with OKC Thunder basketball, even though I live in OKC. I do not watch basketball.
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    Crochet, Web Design, Webmaster, Gardening, Pets, Fish, etc.
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    Business Owner
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    Eh, since the late 90s.
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    Star Twist Hot Pads
  1. Thunder84

    Checkers Set

    What's the latest status?
  2. Thunder84

    Checkers Set

    Take your time. I hope it will be easy enough for me. Are you making the squares individually and somehow put them together or are you constantly changing the colors as you go?
  3. Thunder84

    Checkers Set

    Goodie. I'm going to make several and give them away on a NuWa HitchHiker forum for a photo contest that I plan to set up. :-D
  4. Thunder84

    Checkers Set

    Any estimated date yet?
  5. Thunder84

    Checkers Set

    Do you know how long it will take? Is it an Easy level? Will it be a priced pattern or free? If priced, how much will it cost? I'd just need to know ahead of time, so I can get my cousin to send PayPal payment. (I strongly suggest you sell the pattern instead of giving it away. Something like this will be big seller and you will be raking in cold hard cash.)
  6. Thunder84


    Kool, I thought it was black 'n white.
  7. Thunder84


    They are real nice. I saw somewhere OSU colors orange 'n black. Yuck! lolol
  8. Thunder84

    Checkers Set

    Totally awesome! Please do come back for another post to give us the pattern! :-O
  9. Thunder84

    Starburst Hotpads

    Those are real nice. I want the pattern. :-)
  10. I mostly crochet over them and leave a tiny bit to be cut. If I'm making something that would be a bit too much a hassle (maybe something real small), I would try to weave them in afterward.
  11. Thunder84

    Flower Accent

    I think its great for leftover yarns!
  12. Thunder84

    Flower Accent

    Kool! I will try one.
  13. Thunder84

    Sister in laws christmas gift to me

    Those look real nice. Is that where you put your arms in?
  14. Thunder84

    Hook Collecting...

    I have enough to start a mini rental store out of it. :-)
  15. Thunder84

    who taught you to crochet?

    Spending many hours watching mom and her ex-friend crocheting and they taught me how to do some basics. I would be bored and thought I'd try it out. At the time, I don't think I knew it was a female-only thing (as it was...I think...at the time). Once in a while, I would try watching some videos for some really complicated instructions, but I still consider myself stuck on the easy level.