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    43 year old grandmother of 12, newly single and heading back to college
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    Binghamton, NY
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    reading, singing, writing, crochet, watching crime dramas
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    author, student
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    baby gifts and afghans.
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    since around1975
  1. dennae


    New to the forum, Im from upstate new york. An avid crocheter since I was very young, usually stick to things I can make with basic stitches. Currently working on booties and sun hat for a new grandbaby, and slippers for another. looking forward to re-establishing my stash and taking time to just relax and crochet. I'm the girl you see caressing the bamboo silk yarns in the store with that far away look on her face.....lol. Nice to meet so many new faces who enjoy the same thing I do!
  2. Truly outstanding. And here I thought I was doing well with just one little plastic dresser. DH has said I need to use up what I have before I buy more, because space is at a premium in our 2 room apt. Little does he know that I have just created a honey do project for him that will quadruple my yarn storage. (he thinks its for food preps.....hahah)
  3. Anyone here from the triple cities area? (Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott) I live in Endwell and would love to get a group together to crochet and chat.
  4. I try to get what little needs doing done first thing in the morning. Then I can enjoy my net time and my crochet with no stress.
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