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  1. Hi All! It has been a while since I've been active here. About a year I guess. Things went south for our family last year after the loss of our daughter in law to cancer. Guess after that I went into a mini crochet depression. Just didn't do much. But now I am back and playing with my hook and yarn. I do 99% of my projects for a yahoo charity group called Crafting for a Cause. It makes the heart feel so good to be helping others. Things sure have changed around here. It will take me some time to figure it out, but it shouldn't be too hard. Just wanted to say hi again. I'll be looking for pics of all the neat things everyone makes!! Toodles for now jana
  2. Another week with no points in either direction. 0
  3. Made several of these years ago for charity projects. Thanks for sharing this with us again. They are super easy and fun to put together.
  4. Wow! That pattern is pretty awesome and you did a great job! As for Simply Soft, I agree. Won't touch it unless it is absolutely necessary.
  5. Weekly total ZERO!!! Haven't been feeling good, so I've been resting and reading instead of playing with yarn.
  6. Another one of those pounders used up!! Two in two weeks WTD +2 CLLINDA - Praying that your son makes a full recovery!!
  7. OMG!! This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing this with us. Great pattern for gifts and charity.
  8. Nothing to report WTD 0 (I peeked at the pounder and it is almost gone!!)
  9. Oh, this is fun to make!! Thanks for bringing it to the front of my brain again. Lol
  10. I skipped Zumba last night, came home to dinner in the crockpot (thanks to my honey ), crocheted for maybe an hour, then decided to become a couch potato. Just wasn't having a good day. My honey woke me up around 10, I think, and asked if I was going to bed. Guess we all need a no brainer night every now and then.
  11. Finished a pounder last night!!! The best part?? I had no clue I was that close to using it up. I try so hard not to look at them while crocheting. Weird, I know, but it makes me feel like I'm going nowhere with those large things.
  12. Welcome!! I see that you are from Americus. I stayed there at a B & B a couple of times. Loved your little town.
  13. I had some of this at one time and I believe it is Red Heart, but not sure what they named it. I was out of town this weekend so my score wasn't listed. No biggie. A zero is a zero. lol
  14. Guess next time I go shopping I'll need to find one of those tins. We used to use one to put our dog food in, but when our dog passed several years ago, we tossed it. Now we have a new dog. Time to buy TWO tins. One for the dog food and one for yarn balls. lol
  15. You're not bad. I thought it could be taken a little on the X rated side but I didn't know how else to word it. Lol. Your storage ideas are great! I may have to consider borrowing atleast one of those ideas.
  16. My husband would go nuts if my balls were put in a box. Mine are hidden in a dresser drawer in a spare room with lots of yarn.
  17. What do you do with all your "litle bitty" balls of left over yarn?
  18. That big score was only because I got rid of yarn I knew I would never use. Time to share it with someone else. this week won't be anything near last week. I'm almost done with a pounder. Sure hope I can use it up before Wed. Going out of town for a few days on Thurs. Happy hooking everyone!!
  19. No anxiety yet. That will hit when I go to look for "that yarn I know I have somewhere" then realize oops, shouldn't have gotten rid of it.
  20. Just went thru two drawers of yarn. It was time to de stash and send some to Goodwill. 20 skeins and 13 balls. And I still have quite a bit of stash to go thru. Most of the skeins were ones that were gifted to me and I knew I just wouldn't use up in my life time. It's time to share with others. WTD +53 And I'm finally in the postive from my YTD!! +41
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