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  1. Really, it a an awesome afghan. Can't blame you for keeping it.
  2. East coast, Titusville area. Almost close enough
  3. Updated mine about 10 days ago and forgot to post here. A few finished projects
  4. Just updated my blog - looking for suggestions on what to do with a hank of wool http://crochetheavenfl.blogspot.com/2009/05/suggestions-please.html TIA for any ideas
  5. Oviedo is kinda close. And congrats Grannie to Be!!!
  6. Hey Athenamoon - Unfortunately for us, Brevard County is long and I live at the northernmost point. Scottsmoor. But maybe we could meet up in the middle one day. jana
  7. I am afraid to count the skeins (definately no where NEAR the amount that Nght has!!) But by trash bag fulls (13 gal size) - I have 6 bags of WW. Then I have 1 bag of thread (for all those doilies I wanna make). Add the 6 skeins of yarn for the WIP next to my chair. Oh, I have 12 more skeins that should be delivered tomorrow for WIMs. AND..one more trash bag filled with Rug Yarn. Using up my scrap stash by making grannies for my charity group. I am refusing to buy anymore yarn unless I have a specific WIM pattern already picked out. Hubby just laughs at me when I say that. Luckily he is smili
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