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    In addition to being Owner and Craft Artist at my own crochet business, Heritage Heartcraft, I also work behind the scenes at several exciting organizations which are all in pursuit of handcrafting excellence:
    * Administrative Assistant at Mad Mad Makers
    * Social Media Director at Happily Hooked Magazine
    * Social Media Director for Design Wars Challenge
    * Administrative Assistant at The Crochet Awards
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    Thread Crochet!
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    Owner and Craft Artist at Heritage Heartcraft
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    small decorative items- angels, snowflake, doilies
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    since about 1974 at about age 8!
  1. WEEK 21... Deborah- I did hear from the job...."we regret to inform you..." oh well, at least they had the decency to let me know! now I am dealing with tendon damage in my elbow brought on by too much gardening at my temp PT job...tennis elbow is what a lot of people call it...whatever name it has it is a REAL pain. Even moving the fingers hurts the elbow, and bending it is out of the question for now. So crocheting has come to a complete halt. sigh.... I DID buy myself a new doily pattern book though! And I have been investigating area craft shows to sign up for. There's one the end
  2. Yay! welcome to our little group "PinkCat"... so great to hear about how you keep those hands busy!
  3. job interview felt very comfortable...now we wait and see... I looked over the snowflakes I have made this year so far and realize I have counted wrong...way to go...and I'm applying for accounting positions?! I made 9 unique flakes so far, plus doubles of 4 of those, and now have 10 of my 'chosen' 2012 snowflake, the lovely Mt Hope pattern... so that adds up to 23 doesn't it?! I guess I hadn't counted the doubles because the number I had in my signature was 4 less...oh well...whatever the number is, I did get several done this week, so I am back on track! that makes me feel better.
  4. week 18....gosh is everybody gone? I made up another couple snowflakes, but I am slipping farther behind. Have been busy with custom crochet orders, and tried a few personal crochet projects, but have a break right now so maybe I will be able to work on several more flakes this week. I have a job interview tomorrow...first call in over a year of unemployment....am rather bervous!
  5. Deborah- i did see your blog post after i posted here about your broken arm...so very sorry to hear about it! love and prayers sending your way dear one! I made one snowflake this week...again Mt.Hope pattern- i just love it! Had to alter this last one a bit as I was running out of thread! So I just substituted hdc's for the dc's on the last round and just made it! I have another ball of sparkly white thread which is what I have decided to use on all my snowflakes this year...but it's a different brand name than the other one and just different enough that i didn't want to mix the 2. I als
  6. WEEK 12!! everybody has been pretty quiet this week- what's up with all of you? sure hope everybody is doing okay. i've been working on a bunch of other crochet stuff and haven't done any snowflakes this week...but i did manage to do 2 last week. both are of a previously used pattern. Since I make only one design each year to send out in Christmas cards and to sell at craft fairs i kind of spent the first couple months scouring for possibilities and have picked SnowCatcher's great Mt Hope design for Snowflake 2012. I LOVE how many of Deborah's designs look like real snowflakes, much differ
  7. here we are in week 11 of 2012...how is everybody doing on their snowflake-a-week challenge here? I am two behind, and I do have a couple other projects to work on this week, so I better get crocheting instead of 'Pinteresting'! here is the butterfly flake, which Julie so wonderfully provided the link for, worked in crocus purple!
  8. none of these count for this year's CAL- but I wanted to show you how I have been displaying previous snowflakes. I make a different design each year and send them out as my Christmas cards, and of course keeping one for myself- been doing this for 18 years now. The snowflakes are simply pinned to a dark blue piece of felt which is hanging on a skinny curtain rod. This year, the snowflakes are NOT going back in storage however. They got leaked on and I had to soak some stains out and restarch them all...NOT dong that again! So now they are decorating my craft room!
  9. thank you for sharing that link to the butterfly snowflake! i was just wondering to myself if i could figure out how to put butterflies in snowflakes...and here it is- God is so good- even in the 'silly things'! I took a couple week break from snowflakes to work on heart things- but i'm going to work the butterfly flake right now in purple in honor of my purple crocus which is blooming today! spring is coming! yay!
  10. I would like to share about a ministry organization I am a crocheter for called Angels For Hope. We have over three hundred volunteers who crochet either an angel, a butterfly, or a smiley face each week, and then mail it out to someone who needs a reminder that someone is thinking of them. Each month there are over six THOUSAND items sent out!! The recent postage increase scared a few of our members away though, as we pay for that and our supplies out of our own pockets. I make my Angels out of crochet thread, so my postage is only about .65 as of Feb 2012. Others make their Angels wi
  11. Inspired by a picture someone else posted last month of double hearts decorated with flowers...here is my own version. Since my little netbook monitor showed the original picture small, it looked like the heart was only 4 inches across, so that is what I made mine! I made some double hearts, then decided to make just a single. I found the pattern for the heart free online at the Talking Crochet Newsletter- ( http://www.crochet-world.com/newsletters.php?mode=issue&issue_id=232&department_id=7 ) and made a few minor alterations. The flowers and leaves are my own figurings! Happy Vale
  12. thank you so much for sharing your pictures! you inspired me!
  13. I was inspired by this picture...so I had to create my own version! when I looked at the picture on my little netbook screen each heart was only 4 inches across, so that's how I designed mine. I'm sure in real life yours is larger! I made a couple with the hearts the same color, then one with each heart a different shade of pink- it came out gorgeous! then I took a single heart and dressed it up. here are links to my facebook craft page pictures if anyone is interested in seeing my version! double heart- single heart- https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=372271736136321&set=
  14. needed to take a bit of a break from snowflakes...even heart-themed ones...and make some actual heart stuff for Valentine's day... here are links to my pictures if anyone is interested! small single heart decorated with crocheted roses- https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=372271736136321&set=a.348269331869895.96667.252189881477841&type=1&ref=nf double intertwined hearts, inspired by a post on here somewhere-
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