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  1. Janice Snyder

    Log Cabin Afghan - gifted

    You are a wonderful daughter for giving this up.. Beautiful afghan!
  2. Janice Snyder

    Three more out the door!!! that rhymes!!

    Beautiful afghans! I like them all!
  3. Janice Snyder

    WIP's finished

    I like both of them too!
  4. Janice Snyder

    Finally Finished!

    I really like it! Good job!
  5. Janice Snyder

    Lapghan Sampler

    Thanks again everyone, The Lapghan was a lot of fun, more relaxed, no pattern. I will definitely do another one.
  6. Janice Snyder

    Hexagon afghan

    Lindsay, I basically used this pattern, but I made a few slight changes..http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/hexagon-howto.html And I did not join as I went.
  7. Janice Snyder

    Pin Cushion Jar

    This has came in very handy, especially when there are little ones around. It is about 4'' high, and 3 1/2'' dia.
  8. Janice Snyder

    Zig Zag Afghan - Finally!

    It looks very pretty. Nice work.
  9. Janice Snyder

    Hexagon afghan

    Thanks everyone. And no I didn't join as I went. I tried it but it just wasn't happening. I made them all first, put a round of yellow on them and then sewed them together with yellow yarn. I dreaded the sewing part, but it ended up to be enjoyable. The weaving in is what I don't enjoy..
  10. Janice Snyder

    Lapghan Sampler

    Thanks everyone, I went a little crazy with buying cotton. I thought this would make a good practice/learning project. At first I was a little lukewarm about it but now I really like it.
  11. Janice Snyder

    Lapghan Sampler

    This is my first Lapghan. It is 50'' x 60". I just used rows of random stitches, and a couple Granny Square rows.The yarns used were Bernat Handicrafter and Lily Sugar 'n Cream. Both are 100% cotton. *Also, please note the dark color is navy, not black.*
  12. Janice Snyder

    Hexagon afghan

    This is my first afghan. I started crocheting 3 months ago. The Afghan is 75'' x 80''. I may decide to add half hexagons down the sides. I used 16 different colors, plus yellow and white for the centers. The yarns used were Bernat Handicrafter and Lily Sugar 'n Cream. Both are 100% cotton. *Also, please note the dark color is navy, not black.*
  13. Janice Snyder


    Thank you ladies, DCM, They are 6" 110? I was thinking 11 x 11. Let me think on that some more. Kathy the afghan is very pretty. I'm gonna want one of those too!
  14. Janice Snyder


    I am doing a motif afghan, that uses 4 rounds of colors. I have 13 different colors that I want to use. The first round of all of them is going to be white, the second is yellow,so that leaves me with 11 different colors and 2 rounds to go. So, the question is - "How many different motifs are there going to be?"
  15. Janice Snyder

    Do you alter your hooks?

    I take the guts out of an old ink-pen. The plain non-clickable pens.. Then i cut 2 little pieces of rubber band and push the hook in at the same time with the rubber band pieces. They help keep it tight. I do this to keep the back end of the crochet hook from digging into the palm of my hand.