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  1. Hey everyone, your bags are looking great! By the way, if you're looking for light pink or light blue bags to use, you can get them at a dollar store (I bought some from Dollar Tree and Dollar General). A $1 package gets you 30 large trash bags, and they are scented too! I liked making the plarn with them, because there were no handles to cut off, just the bottom. I'm making a pink drawstring bag for one of the girls in my class, will keep ya posted....
  2. Sorry I haven't been around, Janet. And welcome to everyone who has joined this week. I'm around on weekends only for now, as I'm going to school to become an esthetician, and am in "boot camp" right now! If you need help and see me online, either here or at my myspace (myspace.com/pokmama), please IM me and I'll do my best to explain. I've been working on my FBB #2 today, and just finished the body of the bag. I'm using a super bulky yarn. It's from Yarn Bee (Hobby Lobby), and the name of it escapes me at the moment. It worked up so large I had to omit 10 rows from the middle. Now I am going to take my digital camera to take shots of each step as I progress, and I can post them somewhere as sort of a mini-tutorial if that would help anyone. I will check in with you all later. Hope your bags are moving along well.
  3. I think I've got the hang of it, even if I may be doing it incorrectly. My personal opinion is that, whatever way you are working it, if you do it consistently and it kind of resembles the finished product, then there is no harm done if it is not 100% correct. Photos posted at my blog, in my sig, today's post. My strips will eventually be a stole, very pretty pattern from my vintage collection.
  4. All I can say is WHOA! A lining and a zipper?!! Holy cow, I am not that talented. Let's just say if mine had a lining and a zipper, it would be a ziploc bag with the zip-top seal Please post photos whenever you can, I'd love to see it!
  5. I finished my bag, and I will definitely be making more. Photos are on my blog, updated today (see link in my sig). I've received a ton of compliments, and requests from complete strangers to make one for them!
  6. I have a ton of WIPs (ok, not a ton) but I took today to run errands and finish up a couple, before I start on FBB #2. Sometimes I spend too much crochet time on the internet! I did buy some super bulky yarn Yarn Bee on sale at Hobby Lobby to make it with, so I expect to whip one out super quick, probably will start that on Friday while traveling in the car. Janet -- Haven't checked my email yet today, but I'll go and check and will follow up with ya. I also got your PM. Taking a break is just what you need sometimes to work things out. When you're done with your painting, you can come and finish my kitchen! We have open house at kids' school tonight, so off to another adventure. L
  7. Welcome to Crochetville! My name is Lara and I'm from Indiana. You'll meet lots of friends here and everyone is willing to help.
  8. Well, hopefully i can get it done by mid-Sept so I can at least wear it once this season, without freezing my butt off, literally. I'll post pics once I get moving! Thanks again, L
  9. Your bag is very pretty -- I especially like the rich color with the tortoise shell handles. What kind of yarn did you use? You did a nice job, and I would leave it as is, it will go with 'everything'. FBB = could also stand for "foot ball bag" Isn't this fun? Wonder how auntbubbels is doing? Lara
  10. Hiya Crochet Dude, I just bought this pattern! I am so excited to make it. The pattern is beautiful! I am also looking for suggestions on what to wear underneath. What is the model wearing (for both the halter style and skirt)? Many thanks, Lara
  11. I have a crochet-related blog (in my signature). Just started not too long ago, but I welcome your visits and suggestions. I save my ranting and raving for myspace Visit me either place. Crochet Villagers welcome! Lara
  12. sammimag, are you talking about the guideline yarns? Yes, you can tape them or just tie them onto the top bar. In an "experiment" I took the top bar off. When it was time to drop stitches from the loom, i just used a piece of yarn to thread through each side (25 loops at a time, and tied them in a bow. This kept them in manageable groups for me. Think I ruined 2 perfectly good strips because I just dropped them off the loom without separating them in any way. They got all tangled and twisted!!!! Do you have pictures posted somewhere we could see?
  13. Grammy, I took a look at this tutorial, and it was helpful. The method she describes about crocheting around the loop is what I'm doing (not through the loop). However, I don't flip the loom over and over. I've been working it from one side. I took the top bar off and moved the bottom bar up so the pins stay even. Maybe I'm cheating? If I'm doing it wrong, maybe I don't even want to know......
  14. Thanks, HappyBunny! It sounds like after you are pulling up the first loop of the sc, that after you yo, you are only including 1/2 of the loop. I could be wrong. Whether or not I did it correctly, I sc'd around 2 strands (making the loop). Keep me posted, Lara
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