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    I am a very skilled 25-year-old woman living entirely in the wrong era. I've never met a craft I didn't like or wasn't at least decent at doing. I was born overseas in Japan to military parents, but settled back in GA before I started school. The past couple years have be extremely rough, and I'm just now trying to get back on my feet and into the swing of things. I draw my inspiration from the Victorian era and from things in my personal life.
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    Maysville, GA
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    Sewing, crochet, leather work, historical re-enactments
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    Self-employed seamstress and model
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    Motif blankets.
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    15+ years. My grandmother taught me when I was 8.
  1. For some reason it is an unintentional tradition for the grandmother to teach the grandchildren. I used to spend summers with my grandmother in Pennsylvania, where she taught me the basics of machine sewing and crocheting. I was hooked (pun intended)! I've been doing both since I was about 8!
  2. I've only got a few balls of yarn here as I'm in the process of moving. I have a few more at the new house just waiting for me to finish the little vest I've been working on for my roommate's daughter. I have a big bedding bag in storage full of wool and homespun, and the rest is at my mother's house in a big Rubbermaid tote. Unfortunately, it's about 5 hours away.
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