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  1. I would love to see any you make. I am sewing up some more hammocks for mine tonight when the little girl I look after is in bed.
  2. That is just beautiful xxx
  3. I keep offering to teach my fella but he refuses. When my Mom visited for a week I took her to my wool stash in the garage to see if she wanted anything he asked her to take the lot being cheeky. I am glad he wants to learn, good on him and good on you for teaching him. xxx
  4. I was rather concerned myself when my Mom chose those colours. I took some wool to make squares when I visited her in Wales. My Mom saw the turquoise and she said "oooh what a lovely colour you have there" I had to remind her she had infact chose it. I am not so brave when it comes to colour. I think she was right in the end. I have got some children I babysit for I am making them a snuggle blanket each, I took them to the wool shop and let them loose in the double knitting aisle and told them to choose 7 balls each. They are aged 6 and 4. I sometimes wonder if it is better to get someone else to choose the colours as sometimes you end up using colours you would never dream of putting together. love to all Sian x
  5. Aww Thanks again to you all. being honest here I managed a few other things while working on this blanket. I also made a baby blanket and some baby jackets too. But felt so happy when I finaly finished it. When I crocheted round the edge it was on my lap and I fell asleep hook in hand it was so warm. I only woke when my boss rang me asking if i would pick the little one i look after up from school as she was running late. I would love to make another from that site I will have to have a trawl round lol. thanks again Sian xxx
  6. You are all too kind. I love this site you are all lovely (smiling) My next blanket will be a little smaller I think xxx hugs xxx
  7. Aww You are all so lovely to say such nice things. I did crochet them together as I made so many. I didn`t do all that sewing all at once. Thanks again love Sian x
  8. I started this blanket in November last year hoping to get it done for Christmas. (I was a little ambitious) My Mom had been complaining of the cold so I asked her to choose some colours for a blanket and these were the colours she chose. Well 576 granny squares later I came up with this. I got the idea from the Happy Yellow house site. Only I tweaked it a bit making 4 inch squares. It measures 8foot square enough for a king size bed and some hang over the sides. Here it is laying on our bed My Mom was impressed and it is now travelling back to Wales with her after she spent a week with us. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v624/lalamunch/momsblanket1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v624/lalamunch/momsblanket.jpg
  9. What a great idea I love it. I adore the colour too. xx
  10. Wow that is brilliant. I can imagine doing that in black and white or black and red. oooh Very nice xxxx
  11. Well hon I love them both. Can`t see anything wrong with them myself. Is a pot holder something you put something hot on? or to pick something up with? I have heard them mentioned quite a bit but never got round to asking what they are? Oh looking closer yes the green one has a sleeve missing but still looks cute xxx
  12. All I can say is WOW you did great work there I am so impressed It`s stunning just beautiful.
  13. OH gosh I never thought of that. We are getting the loft boarded out so might put it up there instead. One doesn`t want to put my hand into the wool stash and bring out some funky coloured wool to find it is a rat. To top the stress levels up a bit I crashed my car last night:( No one was hurt thank God but my shoulder hurts this morning. I managed to crochet 8 squares while my fella told me how I was in the wrong and I shouldn`t have pulled out. I have one week to go before we move and I am sure this baby blanket will be done in time. Thanks all for your replies.
  14. I am in the middle of moving house, What with waiting for electricians trying to get all my stuff to the new house, deciding what to keep and what to throw out. Realising the fact that it is a good job we have a garage at the new house to store my wool. It is rather stressful. When I find myself about to run screaming down the street I pick up my crochet hook and find myself crocheting at 100mph I managed 20 granny centres in an hour the other day I am glad I have my crochet to help keep me sane at the moment. If not I would have run screaming a long while ago.
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