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  1. Hi Ladies, sorry I've been MIA. Things have been really hectic the last few weeks. I lost my job, buying our house (thanks GOD losing my job won't affect that) has been a pain, we've had all sorts of wonderful problems with our taxes, and I've been running a pug back and forth to the vet with her diabetic problems, which we've finally gotten fixed. I haven't even got to read everyone's comments, but I'll be back on here soon. I'm still working on squares for Katie. I have 2 finished and am working on a third one this evening. Talk to ya all soon
  2. I also learned to make small goals for myself. I know that in the back of my mind, my main goal is to lose 98lbs, but 98lbs is a huge mountain to climb and so I don't think about that, I set very small goals. I have a checklist on my phone and I cross each one off when I hit it. I love looking and seeing a list of checked off milestones, even though some of them are very close, but who cares. I sure don't. I also have two jars set up and every time I lose a pound, I move a marble from one jar to the other. All the little things help keep me focused. Right now I'm working for 30lbs lost. My hubby told me he'd buy me a charm bracelet then and a charm for every 10lbs after that. I told him today he'd better get his money ready .. I only have 2.4 more pounds to go!
  3. Weight Watchers, which means I can eat whatever i want. Not that I do, but I know it's an option and it makes me less likely to cheat. When I get in the mindset that I can't have it, I crave it way more. But one of the biggest things with WW is portion control. I don't eat nearly as much as I did before. And if I do, I feel horrid. But I think that you really have to get in the mindset that this is a way of life ... making healthy choices and choosing to work out, otherwise you'll quit. Ive done weight watchers 4 times now, The first 3 times, I lost around 20lbs each time and then I just lost interest for one reason or another. Thinking I can do it myself which doesn't work. I need the accountability. I need to keep in mind that I have to go somewhere and step on that scale and some other person is going to see my weight and know whether I've lost or gained. Even though if I gained, they're just going to give me an encouraging word, but still... This time I'm motivated to keep going. And this time I've also learned to love exercise. I don't lose every week. I've had at least 3 separate weeks where I've gained, but that's just part of the process and you have to accept it and move on. As for chocolate, lol... you're speaking to the chocoholic. My mother always swore that I had chocolate flowing through my veins. Hi, my name's Kim and I'm a chocoholic (and a crochetaholic - which by the way is a great activity when you're trying to lose weight. Hard to eat and crochet). First, I've stopped craving it as much, but if I want it, I don't stop myself. I just have it in moderation. I LOVE m&ms and I buy those 6 packs at Wal Mart or Dollar General for $1. 1 pack is 2 points, and so if I have a few points left over, I have some. Chocolate craving gone, and I haven't ruined my day.
  4. On a side note, and just because I'm super excited about it, I'm down 27.6lbs this morning! I'm happy because this is the first time I've stuck with it this long and this is the most I've lost at one time. Still got a ways to go, but my goal for 2013 is to lose 50lbs, and I think I'll get that!
  5. I think I was just so excited about the house when we were looking at it that I didn't think much about it lol. Then when we left, I'm like, "Ok, craft room .. hmmmm ..." Lol. Believe me, I have been thinking about one since we left NC a year and a half ago. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to "My Future Craft Room" I like your idea, though not sure hubby would go for that lol. I made this square as well. I think yours turned out really well. I really wasn't all that thrilled with it when I first saw it, but now I really like it. I was looking last night, hoping that they'd posted squares for June and I realized I made the wrong square for JulieAnny. I made the stained glass square square instead of the Spiky Circle. So I guess I will either have an extra one or someone will be getting it from me soon
  6. I know I'm a little behind on this but my sister has made some GORGEOUS curtains out of bed sheets! Mandy I hope your eye gets better. Anything around the eyes is just no fun. WE GOT A HOUSE THIS WEEK! My week has been so crazy, but we went back and looked at our favorite house a second time and decided to put an offer in on it. We spent most of Wednesday negotiating only to have them finally decide on our original offer. I'm so excited, though we're not closing until July. Is it July yet??? I'm already debating whether I want the 3rd bedroom or the laundry room to be my craft room. They're both about the same size. I've already got one square made for Katie, and a second one started...
  7. I got a BEAUTIFUL square in the mail from Angel Fairy along with a lovely note! You knew my favorite square was purple! It's really quite lovely! Thank you so much! The pics really don't do it justice so I included one with the flash and one without.
  8. Hubby's coming around on this house. It has a lot of things we like, but a few we don't. We're actually going to go look at it again this week. Omigosh how crazy! This actually happened to my parents car around midnight several years ago. Something shorted out in the steering wheel. Everything in the dashboard, and the roof burned. But the leather seats didn't, and the car wasn't totaled.
  9. Our preapproval for the house came through, and now hubby's not sure if that's the one he wants. Men!!! Lol. But we'll see what happens. We're not in a big hurry, but I do like that house .... It's been lovely here all week. Cool at the beginning but sunny. Now warm and sunny I'm piecing together a granny sampler ghan. It's trying my patience.
  10. I came home to a lovely surprise from my FFA Secret Square giver person (lol) Thank you so much Estee for the lovely gifts!! And it all smelled so yummy! And the squares are beautiful! In other news (I sound like an anchorwoman) I think we've found our house! We have a small problem with our preapproval, nothing major, just takes some time to get something we need, but hopefully it will still be on the market and we can put an offer in on it. I'm already dreaming about a craft room!
  11. Yup that was me. I feel like I've been moving for a year and a half. I haven't had a permanent residence in a year, and all of my stuff has been in storage for 18 months. Wednesday, we're going out with the realtor. Hopefully we find something quickly. I've received house plants (including spider) I ordered on ebay that way. They traveled pretty well and this is a good time of the year. Not too hot and not too cold. I'm so glad yo like them. And that they arrived safely!
  12. Yay! I'm glad you got it and you like it!
  13. Congrats on the Weight Loss! Doesn't it feel great? I started Weight Watchers back in February and am down 21 lbs, though right now I'm sorta stalled so I guess I've gotta up my game. I really need to lose another 75lbs or so. But my goal for 2013 is 50lbs, and I'm pretty happy with what I've accomplished so far. I'm really glad I got all of my free for all squares finished last week. I really haven't felt like crocheting the last few days. We're trying to get preapproved for a home loan, we've been looking for a house, and with everything that's going on Cleveland, which is practically in our backyard. This week has been overwhelming. Maybe I need to crochet to get my mind off of it all! Does anyone else think of crochet as therapy? But I got my Free For All squares in the mail today!!!
  14. Got my square out in the mail today as well!
  15. My heart goes out to everyone with migraines. I suffer with them too, and they're not fun. I'll get them for days on end, and then none for a few weeks. Wow, Mandy, you've already gotten squares! They're quite beautiful! I've got most of mine finished, and will get them in the mail shortly. I just got in my pajamas and was planning to sit and finish my book, but hubby called and asked me to go to the store for him, so I guess I'm going back out. Blah! Lol. Oh well.
  16. Nothing like waiting til the last moment. Survey sent!
  17. Well I was going to make a suggestion, but I can't for the life of me find the pattern that I'm making for my brother. I wanted something "manly" that I hope he will like. My brother has Crohn's pretty bad, and he spends a lot of time in his bed. He has rheumatoid arthritis from it, and some days, it's pretty hard for him to walk. He's only 30. The afghan is almost finished. I have 4 more squares to add to it, and it will be done. I've been putting them together as I go along, except for the last 4 I've made. I've had a pretty good week. I'm down 21lbs (only 77 more to go ) and I've started running, and it's going much better than I anticipated. I still hate running though Today, I have to take my pug back to the vet. She is diabetic, but the last few times they've checked her sugar levels, they've been really low, so we've been cutting back on her dosage. I'm hoping she may soon be completely off of the insulin. She's lost some weight, and doing better than she was. She's been going every other week for the last 6 to have it checked. So we will see what they say today. Lacey, I LOVE your afghan! I love the colors. I have an afghan in storage that's in those colors. It's half finished, and I'm hoping that by this summer, we will be in our own home and I can get it out and work on it some more. Can't wait for the Free For All to start!!
  18. Like others have said, on Ravelry. Besides Julie Yeager and Melinda Miller's group, there's also the 2013 Crochet Block-a-Month CAL. They do 2 squares each month, and that's where Waldo's Puzzle is at. PM sent! I love these because you learn so many new skills. Each pattern is different and beautiful in its own way! Here is Tussy Mussy. I found this one a little on the difficult side too, Some of the stitches sort of went over my head, and I sort of improvised on them.
  19. Tussy Mussy was kind of a pain, but then I had a bit of trouble with a few of the squares from March. They drove me crazy. But I love Waldo's Puzzle for April!! This has to be one of my favorite squares I've ever made. I've included it down below. I'm really in love with it! Prayers for you and your baby girl. Love the idea of a free for all! Like a Secret Santa in May! And Katie, I think Snowflake is right; you WILL be getting more than 14 squares! And what's up with all this snow? It's almost May! We were supposed to get some this Friday, but I think they changed the forecast to rain instead.
  20. Thank you ladies for all of the comments! This square was a little difficult, but once I got the hang of it, quite easy. The pattern is a Julie Yeager pattern that I got off of Ravelry. I'm apart of her CAL group and she just released this pattern I think in February. It's called Mum In Treble and you can find it here
  21. Yup this is true! I haven't filed mine yet either, except the one I owe on (I have to file for 3 states this year), though my tax lady said you have 3 years to file. Mine were filed, but they were rejected because of an issue, so now I have to mail them. And when your federals are rejected, your states are automatically rejected too. So, I have to mail them all in. Just wish she'd get them to me, so I can get them to her. I'd like my money I agree!!! Katie is always spoiling us, and she deserves to be spoiled herself!
  22. I'm SO glad you like it! It's such an extravagant pattern that I thought you'd either love it or hate it, and I'm really glad you love it!
  23. Wow I hope everyone starts feeling better. I've been a little under the weather myself. Saturday, I had a touch of the flu. And then Sunday our Hot water tank decided to stop working and leak water all over. And Monday we had a bad storm blow through and knock out the power for a while. Fun week, lol. But I did get a square in the mail from Mandyme and that's always a fun thing!! It's sitting on a blue background, but it's got some of my favorite color, purple!!
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