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    I am a wife, mother of 3 boys, and "mamma" to 3 doggies.
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    Harmony, PA
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    Cooking, Hooking, and Booking
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    Self Employed, I have my own dog walking business
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    Shawls, Afghans and Slippers
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  1. I am in dire need of a skein of Dippity Dots in white. Offering big bucks to anyone who will sell one-PLEASE
  2. MsSaya

    Hobby Lobby??

    Does anyone know if Hobby Lobby offers curbside pickup? Thanks !!
  3. MsSaya

    Charted Patterns

    Does anyone know if the counted cross stitch patterns can be used for C2C or Graphgahns? If so what would the ratio be? I have so many cross stitch patterns and I just dont do that craft anymore-too hard to see. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks everyone for your help, greatly appreciated!!
  5. Joanns has a bunch of Planned Pooling Yarn on clearance. Can this just be used like regular yarn ?? If I use if for a Virus shawl is it going to make strange patterns?? Thanks for any help, just dont know enough about this type of yarn to understand it.
  6. MsSaya

    Blocking question

    Just finishing a shawl for a gift. Friend wanted it really long. Problem is I dont have a surface large enough to block it all at once. Is there a way to block one half and then the other?? Sounds stupid but.... It is a triangular shaped. Thanks for any ideas
  7. Thanks to all, I ordered the pattern. She does have some interesting things!!
  8. Does anyone recognize this particular angel pattern? Found on pinterest but no information available TIA!!!
  9. MsSaya

    Noahs Ark

    I did send her a message awhile back but never heard anything
  10. MsSaya

    Noahs Ark

    Thanks Granny Square. I may try that if I dont find it. It supposedly came from a site called Afghans4u.com but that is dead now. I dont care if it is a pay for pattern, just like this version better than the others available.
  11. MsSaya

    Noahs Ark

    Does anyone know wherer to find this pattern? The link for it on Pinterest is a dead site. Thanks!!!
  12. MsSaya


    Posted before but thought I would try again- looking for the train afghan pattern that was in the Crochet World Summer 1993 issue. Pictures below, This is a "big boy" afghan for the soon to be big brother. Please pm me if you have it and see what we can work out. Thanks!!
  13. MsSaya

    Train Afghan

    HI, I am looking for the Crochet World Summer 1993 special with the train afghan pattern. Help please
  14. MsSaya

    Framing a doily?

    Thanks Reni, I kind of thought that as the way but needed someone to confirm it . Thanks
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