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    I'm a stay at home mom, I enjoy crocheting, sewing, bow making, photography, cooking, baking, and taking care of my family. I exercise daily. My new obsession is working out and losing weight. Working to become healthier and keeping my family healthy. My number one priority is my kids!
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    In lala land most the time
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    Crochet, web design, sewing, bow making, cooking, baking, photography
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    Making character hats
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  1. I was 22 when I took an interest in crocheting, my grandmother taught me the basic single crochet but she just taught me one line, I taught myself everything else with help from the internet.
  2. I chose self taught, my grandmother did teach me how to get started, but after that I taught myself to do everything else, with help of the internet. I usually alter patterns, I will usually make a pattern just like it is and then see what I don't like about it and fix it myself.
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