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    I'm a stay at home mom, I enjoy crocheting, sewing, bow making, photography, cooking, baking, and taking care of my family. I exercise daily. My new obsession is working out and losing weight. Working to become healthier and keeping my family healthy. My number one priority is my kids!
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    In lala land most the time
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    Crochet, web design, sewing, bow making, cooking, baking, photography
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    Making character hats
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  1. I felt I needed to make a ladybug hat, after all my daughter's theme is ladybug's and she is my little ladybug, my crochet business on fb is called "Ladybug Design's" and so I felt I needed to make a cover page for it and needed to have my crochet work. So I made this hat and I love it
  2. OMG! This is totally cute!!! What kind of yarn is that you used for the yellow?
  3. So I have a baby shower coming up, my brother's best friend's wife is having a baby girl. Basically he is like a brother to me so she is like a sister in law, and her and I've been friends since Junior high. Anyway's a few months ago they found out that the baby's lungs aren't developing like they should be, which could cause for fluid to build up around the heart and if that happens they will have to take the baby early. So far no fluid, and baby is due in April, but they are talking about taking her at 34 or 36 weeks. So they can hopefully get the lungs all sorted out. It's been a on edge thing and we have all been trying hard to make this all very positive, and keep mom and dad positive. I know I'm a firm believer that the more positive you are the better chance things have to turn out. She just had the ultra sound to look at the heart a few days ago, this day was a very good day for her. Not only did she get the room finished, I had the hat where she could see how it's turning out, and most importantly she seen that no fluid was on the heart or around the heart. My daughter is 14 months old and I keep telling her that her baby girl and Olivia will be best of friends. More like cousins but yeah. Anyways, here are the photos. I am making a blanket and a diaper cover to go with this.
  4. Thank you all. I did get a photo of my daughter in the hat my husband had to hold her lol.
  5. I have wanted to make one of these for awhile, but had to slow down and wait till I had time. I had time lol. It fits my 14 month old daughter's head. She won't wear it long enough to get a photo though lol.
  6. Thanks everyone, I updated the first post with the finished hat.
  7. My page is http://www.facebook.com/SweetLadybugDesigns
  8. I made this for an order. After undoing and redoing because I've not had to make a hat for a 3 year old before, and so I had to readjust my pattern. This hat has seemed to be a huge hit. After posting it on my business page on fb, a lot of people seems to now want this ... Looks like I might be busy coming soon, besides work.
  9. I have a friend who's son loves spongebob and she asked if I could make him a spongebob hat, so I finished this at 2am this morning. The face took me 4.5 hours alone to make, I had to undo and redo like 4 times. But I'm happy with it. I do not follow patterns, I try to manipulate my yarn to my own ways lol.
  10. Thank you everyone, my son loves it.
  11. Thanks everyone, my son loves it He said he can't wait to wear it to school tomorrow.
  12. I made this hat... I did not follow a pattern. Made it for my son because he asked me if I would please stop making hat's for everyone else and make him a smurf hat, please. Lol so I made this for him.
  13. My niece is not an adult but the size fit's my head and she will still be able to wear it, but she's nearly a teenager. The other is a gift for my husband.
  14. This is a Christmas gift for my uncle
  15. I made this for my younger brother for Christmas.
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