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  1. Krystal, it looks absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm in awe!!!
  2. Krystal, I am in AWE!!! You took so many different squares from so many different people, and you're putting together a 'ghan that looks like it was planned out so carefully!!! I'm totally LOVIN' this thing!!! And just think... when Jessie gets this, she's literally going to be able to swaddle herself in a king-sized hug from us!!!!
  3. Wow... I mailed mine on Monday (or... well... Hubby mailed it for me ) and it made it all the way across the Atlantic. I wonder what the heck is going on with the PA PO???
  4. YAY!!! Mine got there... and pretty darned quickly, too!!! (Mine's the only odd-looking zip on the list... )
  5. So that's 79 hugs of yarn so far? And more coming?! I don't know 'bout the rest of y'all... but I'm SO glad we're doing this!!!
  6. Krystal-- My squares went out this afternoon, along with some cash. Turns out I didn't have to go to the main P.O. in town - hubby still had Caitlin's (10 y.o.) birthday money from Grandma (in IL) in his pocket. He'd already given Caitlin what it was worth, so he figured I might as well send it to you instead of him taking it to the P.O. and getting a pittance for it. So that money has gone from Chicago to England and back to you! Just a reminder, though - it's gotta cross the Atlantic, so if you don't get it by Friday, give it another day or two, okay?
  7. FYI: I've finished all my squares. I've done 2 for Jessie and 2 for the girls. Krystal, you can decide what to do with them. I want to wash them before I post them out, so I'll take them to the local P.O. tomorrow afternoon. But in the morning, I'm going to go to the main P.O. in town and see about "buying" some USD to put in the package. Either way, they'll be IN the post tomorrow. P.S. I put pics of all of them on my blog (see sig for link) if you want to see them before you see them.
  8. Krystal, here are the squares I've got done for Jessie: Great minds must think alike, because that one on the left is the exact same one that Becky did... but as you can see, it's done in light brown and pink. I'm going to do a couple for the girls as well, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow... it's getting close to 1 a.m. here already.
  9. I have a pattern for a 7" square on my blog - to make it 8" all you have to do is add an extra row. The pattern's here if anybody's interested.
  10. You forgot about me, Krystal!!! I'll be working on them tonight and will get them to the P.O. on Monday (hopefully along WITH Angie's swap package!) I'll send along some cash as well. I can "buy" some USD at the P.O. and just stick it in there before I seal it all up.
  11. Well, to be quite honest, I've never actually seen with my own eyes nor used a knitted dishcloth. But I would guess that being a novice knitter AT BEST and not really knowing anybody else who knits OR crochets (my mother used to, but carpal tunnel and arthritis have prevented her from continuing) might have something to do with that. And I've only recently discovered the joy that is dishcloth making. Although I have to say that the ones I've made so far were so pretty that I decided they couldn't be used for dishes. I've kept them for washcloths instead. So I couldn't really say w
  12. Not that it helps much NOW, but I grew up in Lemont and lived in Joliet for most of my adult life... until I decided to move alllllllllll the way to England! I just thought I'd pop in here to see some town names I'd RECOGNIZE!!
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