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    I'm a 30-year old wife and mother of 4 girls.
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    Sunderland, UK by way of Chicagoland
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    crocheting, knitting, computer graphics, reading, writing
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    Family development researcher
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  1. We have 4 cupboards (closets without rails or shelves) in this house, and I commandeered one of them for my yarn. I have 5 stacking crates, 3 of which are filled with yarn (1 is for UFO's, and the last one holds things like pillow inserts to use for poly-fil [because I can't buy it on its own out here] and the like for when I'm making amis and whatnot). I also have a very 80's-style wicker shelf. The top shelf holds my hooks and a small bag of scrap yarn, and I tend to pile full skeins on the other shelves. Usually when I buy more than 2 skeins of yarn in the same color, they go on the shelf. Of course that doesn't count the odds and ends that get scattered all over the house as I'm working on something.....
  2. That's precisely why I DO have one 3-ring binder. I keep the "want-to-makes" on the computer, and when I get to the "actually-making", I put it in sheet protectors and pop it in the binder. The next time I'm looking to start a project, I check the binder first to see if I have an appropriate pattern already printed out. If I don't, then I check my files. If I don't have one there, either, then I start searching online.
  3. HA! That's actually one of the names we considered for her!
  4. nucki

    teapot cozy

    Okay, I'm not the one you directed the question at, but I'm here, and I KNOW the answer, so... Yes. The cosy is open at both the top and bottom, so that it can easily slip over the whole thing. You tie the drawstring closed over the lid so that it doesn't fall off (and if you've got one of those teapots where the lid never wants to stay? it helps that, as well). I have one only about 20 feet away, so if you'd like some pics to show you a little better, just say the word.
  5. Oh man. This list almost makes me want to hide. scarf ~ Aunt D (finished this one) scarf ~ Uncle M towels w/towel toppers ~ Grandma scarf ~ Mom (finished this one yesterday) scarf ~ sister R scarf ~ sister J placemat/trivet set ~ sister J cardigan ~ niece A Hak..... bag ~ "niece" H (I don't know how to spell it, but most of y'all probably know what I'm talking about anyway) Cupcake purse ~ goddaughter E hoodie ~ goddaughter E scarf ~ "niece" C cardigans ~ "nephews" J and J (brothers; not the same name, just initial) scarf ~ "niece" T shawl ~ BFF name pillows (also thinking about making them into hot water bottle covers) for all of my own kids cardigans for my 2 youngest There are a lot of scarves in there, but they're all different. And all the kids I'm making cardigans for? They're all under the age of 8, so they're actually pretty small projects. The plan for this year was to make everybody something small. (Hence all the scarves!) IF I have time after getting all of these done (and if I keep going at the rate I've been going so far, I'll actually GET them all done), then I might consider something bigger/more complicated for a few extra-special people. ('Cuz they're all special to me... if they weren't, I wouldn't be putting all this time and energy into making them all Christmas presents!)
  6. Most of the patterns I DO have, have been downloaded off the internet. So I tend to have most of my patterns on CD's or in file folders on the computers in the house. So they don't take up a whole lot of room. I DO have one 3-ring binder and 3 crochet books, though. I only just got 2 of those books yesterday, however.
  7. nucki

    teapot cozy

    I've made this one, and I can honestly tell you that it's a lot easier than it looks at first glance. If you like it, don't let the scallops scare you off.
  8. Yet another Christmas present right off my hook. Just finished this morning, as a matter of fact. (I don't want to jinx myself or anything, but if I keep this up, I'll actually be able to finish everything on my list! What a thought!) This one is going to Ohio for my Mom's Christmas present. It's from this pattern, done in the same kind of yarn as my purple lace scarf, just a different color. Oh, and an F hook. And one with my cat, just because. (Actually, the fact that I even got any photos done at all is a *******' miracle. As soon as I started messing with the scarf on the floor, she came over and kept nudging me as I was trying to situate everything. I figured she must want her picture taken, right?
  9. Those would make lovely gift embellisments. You know, when you've got a gift wrapped and everything, you just loop some ribbon through the embellishment and tie it on. I'm thinking about doing these (if I have time) for Christmas gifts, but those butterflies would be appropriate for just about ANY gift.
  10. Crochet was what I learned first, and it was way easier. My grandmother taught me, in the one year we lived with her, and in that time I managed to learn all of the basic stitches. I was 7 at the time. Knitting came a year or two after that, and while I could get the knit stitch down, it was only in the last couple of years that I learned how to cast on properly and do the purl stitch. Knitting is still hard for me - I have yet to progress beyond the square/rectangle level. I'm 32 now. :/
  11. I do believe there was a thread similar to this, but we're talking 2+ years (at LEAST), so I don't think it's a problem bringing it up again NOW! I'm way up north, in Sunderland. Like CraftyJen, I'm an American ex-pat too. I've been living here for the past 5 years. I'm 32, and have been crocheting since I was 7. I learned to knit when I was 9, but I've never taken to it the way I did with crochet. I mainly work with yarn, though I DO do threadwork occasionally. It's more of a pain in the bum, so I take the easy way out.
  12. I don't have any words of advice for you, because I STILL can't teach my daughter. But I wanted to send :hugs of commiseration and encouragement for both you and your son. I totally understand frustration - from BOTH ends!
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