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  1. Catana, I'm don't know the fiber count, and am not entirely sure how to go on about finding out that info. Thanks JCB on the tea dyeing idea...I've read a lot about kool-aid dying, but I'm afraid to douse the shoes into anything too hot to allow the color to penetrate as the bottom of the shoes are plastic (I think) and I don't want them to get damaged. This might sound like a dumb question, but if I were to have it professionally dyed, where would I take them? The dry cleaners?
  2. Thanks for clearing that up for me ria... in that case the shoes look something like the ones here (but in beige): http://www.solestruck.com/dollhouse-dede-(coral).html I'd be grateful to anyone with advice on how to do a dye job on material such as that.
  3. Hi everyone! Im a newbie to this forum and although I dont know if this is the appropriate place to ask, I thought I'd give it a shot since I couldn't find the info I needed anywhere else online. I bought crochet shoes and I wanted to know if it was possible to dye such material to achieve a warm tan color. And if so, how would I go on about doing so? I know of a website that has pics of shoes that are nearly identical to mine, but I dont know if posting the web's url will violate the forum's bandwith theft rule. I do not know much about crocheting or about dyeing fabrics, but since everyone here seems really knowledgeable about both, I thought someone would be able to advise. Thanks!
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