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    My passions are crochet, Miniature Schnauzer rescue and gardening. I've been transplanted to Omaha, NE for nearly 20 years with a few years in Missouri in between. I've been married forever with two grown kids who are great. I have a lot of physical challenges, and some of them have affected my crocheting, but I've found ways to adapt and have written on the subject. I love meeting other crocheters and participating in exchanges, etc. I'm a member of the CGOA.
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    Omaha, NE
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    Crochet, crochet design, gardening, Miniature Schnauzer rescue
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    Thread doilies with 3D flowers
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    Around 1969

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  1. Thanks so much! When you look at the pattern, you'll see that those colors are several different colors of sewing thread held together and crocheted!
  2. Happy to share my brand new Picket Fence Potholder free crochet pattern with you! It features a new technique I call "CroBroidery" for lack of a better name... You can get the Potholder pattern here. The Crobroidery tutorial is here. Happy crocheting, all! -SheilaSchnauzies (a/k/a SheilaSparkles)
  3. OK, here goes... I have a brand new design for you to crochet up in time for last minute holiday gifts or just for fun things for yourself! Carol's December Rose Potholder is a decorative-use only potholder. Look closely at the green leaf round - at first you think you're looking at the usual granny square, but you're not. The green round is actually shaped leaves. Kinda fun! I'm just putting finishing touches on my annual snowflake design, I hope to release it later today or tomorrow. The weather sure is perfect for it, as we are in the midst of a real midwestern blizzard right now! Happy crocheting! -Sheila
  4. Happy holidays everyone! Just stopping in to share a new design, some fingerless gloves which you can make in a day for a quick gift (or to get warm fast, like I did!) They're done in a custom-fit pattern which ensures a perfect fit. You can get the free pattern here, feel free to share the link, and enjoy the pattern! Happy crocheting, -- SheilaSchnauzies My Crochet Page
  5. I'm looking for an idea for my next design, it needs to be something I can complete quickly so a small project (like, not an afghan or tree skirt!) and something Christmas. So that being said, what kinds of things are you looking for to make? It can be thread or yarn. I would really appreciate any ideas as at the moment, for some reason, I'm just drawing a blank! Thanks bunches! -Sheila
  6. Make this reversible sleeveless sweater in ANY thread or yarn you like, in ANY size you need! Unlike other patterns, this one is made to fit YOU! It's a different way of crocheting and I call it "Customizable Size." I hope you enjoy it! I'm very happy to share my newest design with you! Mine's done in Vanna's Glamour. She has a wonderful Red colorway that would be perfect for the holidays! The free pattern is available here I also just discovered a gorgeous new yarn at JoAnn this week called Sensations Enchantment, which is a similar weight to Vanna's Glamour but a lot "slinkier." I picked it up in red and in gold for my next sweater! I think it will work up just beautifully! Please feel free to share the link with your other crochet friends too! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Happy crocheting, -- SheilaSchnauzies
  7. If you are looking for crochet theme apparel, accessories, home decor, or fun things like keychains, phone cases, etc., please check out my little store here at CafePress! Once there, just click on the "Hooked On Crochet" picture. I spent my career in graphic art before I retired, and since there weren't a lot of crochet theme items out there, I started creating my own! The most popular is my "Hooked On Crochet" design, and I have several other humorous designs like "I'm The Other Happy Hooker," "Who Needs Chocolate, I Have Crochet," and lots more. If you find a design you like but it isn't on the particular product you want, you can email me here. I will fix it up where you can order exactly what you want, right away. Below are a couple of my designs. (The copyright line won't appear on your item.) If you're looking for a perfect, unique gift for a crochet friend, this may just be the ticket! Sales of all my CafePress items directly benefit the vet fund of my Miniature Schnauzer Rescue, Sheila's Schnauzies. You can meet the furkids here. I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a minute and check it out! Thanks so much, and happy holiday shopping to you!
  8. Hi everyone! Just wanted to give you all a link to my Craftsy.com store, where I have my for-sale crochet patterns. The majority of my patterns are free at my website, but there are a few special ones I do sell. Really appreciate it if you check them out! Happy crocheting, -Sheila
  9. Good morning, all you happy crocheters out there! I'm Sheila and I wanted to share a link to more than 50 of my free original crochet patterns with you. You can find them all here. I am always looking for ideas for things people want to crochet, either thread or yarn. If you have a pattern you've been searching for and can't find, feel free to suggest it and I may just add it to my to-design list! Many of my current free patterns are the result of requests from crocheters. If you'd like to check out my crochet blog, you can reach that here. Wishing you a wonderful day of crocheting something really cool! See you around the neighborhood! -Sheila:cheer
  10. Merry Christmas to all! Please enjoy crocheting my 2011 Sparkly Cupcake Ornament! I have the pattern posted here.
  11. Well I'm just so tickled to find this forum! After a few tough years of fighting some physical challenges, I've really been working hard to get back involved on the internet, sharing my patterns, meeting new crocheters, and so forth. I used to have a crochet group online when MSN had its groups called Crochet With Sheila. I used to have a website with all my free patterns but that got destroyed by a hacker. So I've been focusing my efforts on getting those patterns back out there via a platform called Squidoo. I'm slowly getting one pattern after another put back up there. Meanwhile I'm recovering from my second hip replacement surgery done just under two weeks ago! It was a long fight to get it done and I am thrilled! I had my other one done last March. I'm kinda young for it but I have a destructive form of arthritis that attacks a joint at random and destroys it. But right now things are looking very UP and I'm looking forward to a great winter, getting lots stronger, and having lots of crochet fun! I've been rescuing Miniature Schnauzers since 2000 and they really keep me in the game - as well as being models for my dog sweater designs:) Other than that I love to write, garden, and do craftsy things. Sure do look forward to meeting you all and hope I can bring something good to your forum!
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