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    I need help with one of Mrs. Dots Patterns. The Short Round Poncho. It says at the end of 2-6 rounds: (end with yo, pull up a loop in same sp as last st, yo, pull up a loop in same space as FIRST ST of round, (ignore beginning ch 2), yo, draw thru 5 loops on hook. ch 1, join in first crossed bar st.) When I've made the last Crossed Stitch I am right next to the Ch 2 of the beginning round. What do I do next ( step by step ) Plz
  2. Im having trouble with the last Crossed Stitch in the rounds. I get to the very last Crossed Stitch and Im right next to the Ch 2; Where do I go from there ???????? Do I just Slip St into the first crossed stitch after the Ch 2 ????????????
  3. Its on the Lion Brand Yarn Company Website under Mrtha Stewart Coming Home Poncho
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