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  1. I'm sorry I'm late, but it doesn't look my numbers will affect this week's scores anyway: WTD: +3 YTD: -60
  2. Happy Sunday to everyone! Here are everyone's scores for the week: Gold Medal Winner - Pineknott: +20 Silver Medal Winner - LegalWoman17: +4 Bronze Medal Winner - howieann: +3 Making a "little" headway - HollyzHobbyz: +1 Holding Steady - greyhoundgrandma: 0 PBLKNP: 0 Losing ground - TexasPurl: -4 And, our "Shoot The Moon" winner for the week - Inkked0317: -48
  3. Well, I'm really not making any progress! Here's my scores: WTD: -4 YTD: -68
  4. I gave away four skeins of yarn this week! There are some ladies at my workplace (I drive a school bus) that knit & crochet during their down time. I had four skeins of RHSS that I gave to one of them, so she could make a scarf for her dad. I had purchased it last fall, with the intent of using it for a Christmas present. Then I found a different yarn! So, scores for the week: WTD: +4 YTD: -64
  5. I can't believe I bought two skeins of yarn at Hobby Lobby yesterday! WTD (so far): -4
  6. Thank you greyhoundgrandma for posting the scores! I thought I had to do it, because I had the "Shoot the Moon" for the month of January. Mine for the week was another "0"...still holding steady!
  7. I have accomplished absolutely nothing this week....but, I haven't purchased any new yarn either. So, my scores for this week are: WTD: 0 YTD: -68
  8. Good morning everybody! I hope everyone's had a good week, and those who are sick feel better soon! Here are the scores for this past week: Gold Medal Winner: pineknott: +18 Silver Medal Winner: greyhoundgrandma: +13 Bronze Medal Winner: Inkked0317: +10 A few of us are holding steady: MalissaMeesa: 0 LegalWoman17: 0 MadreBug: 0 HollyzHobbyz: 0 Some of us have been shopping: howieann: -
  9. Good Morning to everyone! It was so nice to see everyone's projects that they've been working on this past week. I've been working on a baby blanket, but haven't finished or rolled any skeins just yet. Here are the scores for the week ending January 13: Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317: +9 Silver Medal Winner: Debbie Caldwell: +8 Bronze Medal Winner: MalisaMeesa: +6 greyhoundgrandma: +5 LegalWoman17: +4 pineknott: +2 MadreBug: +1 howieann: +1 PBLKNP: 0 And, even though my weekly s
  10. Okay....I'm really getting aggravated with the new setup of this forum. It used to be, I could go to the thread I was reading, click on unread, and it would take me straight to the page which had the first post I hadn't read. You didn't have to go to another setup page, and save a bunch of changes. Don't like it!
  11. I received a $100 gift certificate to Herrschners for Christmas. It turns out that with the end-of-the-year sales, it bought me 34 skeins of yarn! So, I'm getting off to a rough start this year: WTD: -68 YTD: -68
  12. Well, my daughter gave me a $100 gift certificate for Herrschners this Christmas. So, I "invested" it in their Worsted 8 yarn (taking advantage of the end-of-the-year sale). I've used some in the past, and I wanted to try some new colors. I don't have any specific projects in the works just yet, but I'm always working on scrap afghans for Warm Up America. What better way to use up all these new colors I just ordered?
  13. I'm 45! I learned how to crochet at the age of 12.
  14. Woo Hoo!!! Congratulations Salli!!!!
  15. Splenda doesn't have aspartame. We buy Diet Coke w/Splenda for my husband, because aspartame doesn't agree with him.
  16. Not always expensive, but very, VERY addicting!!!!
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