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    Avid crocheter who spends at least a part of each day crocheting something.
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    Monroe, NC
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    crochet and Star Trek
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    Real Estate Paralegal
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    Afghans, scarfs
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    Since 1974
  1. Hi Catt and welcome from North Carolina. You can try Red Heart's website for some great free patterns. They have every thing from easy to advanced with a quite a few scarf patterns for both knit and crochet.
  2. I'm 45 and have been knitting since I was 7 and crocheting since I was 8. I prefer crochet and do more projects, especially more advanced ones in crochet. Only recently have I started venturing into different knitting stitches. I'm hoping when money becomes more available to take the CGOA Master class for crochet.
  3. Greetings from North Carolina!
  4. Welcome from North Carolina! Not srue about your question as I haven't actually lined any of my projects, but I did see a crochet hook out there that does punch through fabric so you can add borders although I can't remember where I saw it now.
  5. Hello and welcome from North Carolina!
  6. Welcome from North Carolina! I too love doilies and crochet them when I have the time and patience to work with the thread. Also there are plenty of pattern books out there with doilies in them. I like the homey feel they give to a space.
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