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  1. OK somehow with all that positive attitude Monday morning...I only managed to stay on track thru Monday night and then everything went to pot....maybe it's cause it's TOM for me, maybe cause of some major family drama, I don't know...but I do know I need to knock this off or nothing's ever going to change....
  2. not making alot of headway with this blanket I'm working on for my MIL...but I know if I start another project there is NO WAY I'll get it done by the time I need to give it to her in early May....so my WTD = +4 and YTD = +29....but next week will be better cause I HAVE GOT to get this DONE!!!!
  3. OK Monday morning and I'm back on track...just cooked up the chicken I'll need for the next couple of days, grabbed a quick shower & breakfast & now I'm off the the grocery store to stock up on a few things....even with these weird black outs that are happening here in NC, I'm really in a good place this morning...that might have something to do with my kids going back to school after a week & a half long spring break but still....very up right now....how is everyone else doing this morning???
  4. I do the same thing...I eat when I'm unhappy....here's what I do...first..don't go into the kitchen (or where ever you keep food) unless you absolutely have to....if you're not standing there looking for something to eat, you won't be eating for no reason. Second...keep your hands busy with something you don't want to get dirty (this is actually why I started crochetting in the first place lol) you'd have to put down your project to eat so just keep your hands occupied...and last...if all else fails, get out of the house and go do something to keep yourself occupied....sometimes just being out & about (especially as the weather gets nicer!) can be just the thing to lift your spirits... Hope this helps...and cyber-snuggles to you hon...
  5. I have to say that I love it when the Universe steps in and takes care of issues for me. In an earlier post I mentioned the issue of my roommie using my car so much that I never have it....I had decided the other night that I was going to give her the choice of paying to become an insured driver on my truck or not driving it anymore...the whole reason she's using my truck is that she says she can't afford to register & insure her car...I barely slept the night I made that decision, just anticipating the issues this conversation was going to cause between us....before she woke up the next day, she got a letter in the mail from the DMV stating that due to speeding tickets she's losing her driving privileges for 2 months...and when she told her sister about it, her sister offered to register & insure her car so that she (sis) could drive her (roommie) around for those 2 months....big sigh of relief!! Anything that gets me out of confrontation I love!! lol Gearing up to get the kiddies back to school tomorrow and getting back on track for my diet first thing in the morning....I'm even working up my own food charting thing cause I know that actually does work for me in that it reminds me to eat when I'm supposed to....my whole problem is that I actually don't eat enough to lose weight if that makes any kind of sense...so I'm getting back on the wagon tomorrow & really excited about that!!
  6. WTD +4, YTD + 25...finally I'm back to using yarn again!!!
  7. OK so I stepped on the scale this morning just to figure out how much damage I've done to my weight loss over the last few weeks...I've gained a bit more back, but I'm still lower than where I started so it's not a total loss. The kids are going back to school on Monday & I'm planning on being better about my food til then, and Monday getting back on the diet completely...already hit the grocery store, just don't have the patience to deal with it while the kids are here... Also, I'm noticing something....my roommate shares my truck with me...she doesn't have a car right now but she needs to get to & from work & me dropping her off wastes alot of gas & frankly it's a pain in the tush...however, since she's working all the time, I never have my truck...and I'm stuck in the house 24/7. It's really starting to wear on me...feels just like I did back when my older daughter was a baby & we only had 1 car that he took to work...can feel the walls closing in and kind of like what's the point in trying to do anything....anyone else know this feeling?? I know I've caught myself feeling extremely down lately, especially about my weight, but once the kids are in bed I am gorging on candy which is the last thing I need to do....really messing myself up with that huh?? Anyway the point of the rant is that I need to do something about the vehicle situation cause I need to be able to get out of the house more often or I'll lose my hope and that would be horrible....I think Monday is going to be the day of new beginnings on alot of levels....
  8. OK so I'm finally back to crochetting!! Woohoo!!! I worked up an original puff-stitch pattern...it's going to be the center piece in a blanket for my MIL (late Xmas gift lol)...used 2 skeins to get that done (+4!!) an now I'm working around the piece to make it bigger so it can become a blanket....hopefully I can get more work done on it this week!!
  9. OK I haven't been on the site in a while....I have managed to gain back half the weight I lost, but I also haven't done a single thing to stick to my diet or work out plan at all for the past 3 weeks or so....so I can't really complain much can I?? lol....Things have just been insane around here, nothing huge, just lots of little emotionally-enfused situations to deal with & I've gone from one situation to the next without a break for a few weeks now...I'm ready for a vacation & to get back to taking care of myself & letting everyone else deal with their own stuff...hoping to get back on the wagon in the next couple of days, but that's going to be a little tough with the kids home for spring break for the next week & a half....
  10. I haven't been on the site for a couple weeks, but I also haven't done a single stitch of crochet either...did manage to work up a couple all-new patterns, but haven't actually started working on them yet...will prob get started on one of them in the next couple days though...so my score will be another big fat zero this week!!
  11. OK I did absolutely NOTHING according to plan this week. Forgot about the diet, ate whatever I wanted to, no salads, no schedule, not eating for half the day & the gorging....and last week had amped up my metabolism that I still lost 2 more pounds. I am definately going back to my diet tomorrow morning, cause I want to keep this going but I am so thrilled that my complete lack of stick-to-it-ness hasn't caused me to gain back what I'd lost last week!!
  12. I forgot to post last night too...but I have done absolutely nothing with my yarn at all, so now gains or losses to report anyway...hopefully I'll have a better week coming up...
  13. My goodness Sue!! I didn't realize you were dealing with all that AND a wedding too!!! Big Cyber Hugs sweetie!!!
  14. I have not done well sticking to this very strict meal plan this week. First I snuck a couple Cadbury eggs in Tuesday (I love those things & they're only out around Easter!), then I had Chinese food for dinner Thursday (we were going out dancing & I knew I wasn't going to be able to eat leafy green stuff every 2 & a half hours), then Friday am I was so tired from being out all night I had a bowl of the kids' cereal & then skipped 3 meals that day...and Friday night I babysat my friend's 5 month old baby & he didn't let me put him down the entire time so I was chugging cola (big no no on the diet) and didn't eat anything at all on Saturday til around 4 pm....and it's now just after noon on Sunday and I haven't eaten cause I chose to catnap on the couch with the kids instead of eating cause I had 2 nights with very little sleep & I have a date tonight so I don't want to look tired lol.....not good considering one of the biggest rules of the plan is to eat every 2 & a half hours & not to skip any meal at all ever.....but despite all that, I weighed myself this morning....and I'm down 8 pounds. That's insane. After 2 days on this plan I was actually down 11 pounds, but then I slipped off the plan. Whatever the reason, however this worked, I'm thrilled!! I ordered my Walk Away the Pounds DVDs & got them yesterday (I had a set but can't find them for the life of me...) My goal for the next week is to add in a min. of 45 minutes of walking 4-5 times in the week. AND this week, I'm sticking to the plan no matter what....lucky for me the week doesn't restart until tomorrow AM so I can enjoy tonight lol!!
  15. OK i didn't get to post last night...my counts are WTD +13, ytd + 21 I'm thinking it's a good thing my roommate & I are sharing my truck & she works so much..I don't have the wheels to get anyplace that will get me in trouble lol!!
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