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  1. Hi there, I'm Chelle and I'm a hook-a-holic Im still pretty new, learning the stitches and tricks of the trade... In fact, I learnt a new stitch (cluster) from a pattern I found here just the other day. I'm attempting my first blanket, it's a "granny circle" style blanket. Well, that's all the pertinent information really... Oh, I'm a stay at home Mum in Australia with an almost 3yo boy, and a 12month old girl... Yup... That'll do... Already looking forward to becoming addicted to this forum...
  2. Hi Brand new member, and fairly new to crochet... Can anyone give me advice? I'm at step 12 of this beautiful blanket and I just wanted to make sure I'm on the right track... It seems fairly small still, but that's not the problem, It seems to be getting "corners", nothing too definite... I can manipulate it into a circle. Also, it seems to be very "full" almost "ruffled" as in, if I lay it flat, it doesnt actually lay flat at all, almost like I have increased too quickly, when (to the best of my knowledge I have followed the pattern exactly). I think it's very pretty, but making sure it's supposed to look like that.. When it says "(cl, ch2) 2 times into next 2 ch sp" should that be 2 double clusters (as in 2 times into the next 2 chain2 spaces" or "2 times into the next chain2 space". Thank you everyone... I hope it's normal, I think I will cry if I have to take it apart... Chelle
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