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    2011 Stashbusting CAL

    So, I started a mile-a-minute and it needed a bag so instead of using any old bag I was inspired by the tote lovers on here and made up one for it. The tote used two big balls I had ( +2) and I've been movin along with the afghan (+3) woo hoo:) Now I think I'll make another tote....it was nice to have something useful made, quickly
  2. There are a few threads for the western shore but I'm over here across 'the ditch' lol. Anyone on eastern shore Maryland?
  3. sindrlla

    2011 Stashbusting CAL

    bought 3 today. back to zero.
  4. sindrlla

    Ghan Finished! Gifted 12-17-11

    I wish I had read this before I spent my few dollars on yarn and I would have picked up some dark grey. I do have light grey if that's ok??? You can PM you address to me if so and I'll get them done and out to you.
  5. sindrlla

    October Charity CAL 10/20 - 10/25

    Great!!! I was hoping there were more 'social' things on here for me to do and I've been wanting to work on my butterflies too See you all around the 20th:) and BTW this is a great idea!!!!
  6. Hello:) I won the awesome "She Makes Me Smile" clown pattern.....but how do I get it? I thought on an earlier one Amy sent the digital ones to e-mail but it isn't in mine? I'm not trying to be impatient....just curious in a healthy, love the pattern, can't wait to start it way. So, does anyone know?
  7. I guess I'm off to bed too I have a long day dealing with the soon to be ex-husband tomorrow......long story short after 4 1/2 years tomorrow he is trading what is left of my stuff (that he hasn't already took to the dump) for divorce papers. I wouldn't care but you all will understand why the stuff means so much. It's my whole craft room! Ten years of my crafting life including when my grandma passed and left everything to me and her sister. Projects she hadn't finished and beautiful fabric that she and I used over the years. My grandma crocheted, knitted, quilted, sewed.....she did everything and I miss her so. Thank you all for today! Tomorrow will be easier if I just remember today!!! thank you amy and everyone!!!!!
  8. That's me I knew I would win on this one !!!! It's number seven and that is my love's number and he is sitting here with me and he said I'd win his number 7. yea yea yea, giggle tee hee hee Thank you Amy for such a great day and a great ending to the day!!! Thank you to all my new I Love Yarn Friends!!!
  9. I think I might make one of these....actually I'm pretty sure I will thanks
  10. All around: shells, shells and more shells. I've made so many things with shells over the years specifically though I've made a few blankets and these little doll pot holders with a pattern my grandma called snapdragon. it's just a simple v-stitch in dc shells and snapdragons are a fav bc i can crochet wo looking at what I'm doing
  11. I wish I were a hat person...my head is a wee bit big but it's the hair!!! really thick. If I try a hat on in a store....it doesn't fit....ever!!! I do have some hats for winter but sadly I know I don't make a fashion model for the hats. But, if I don't look in a mirror it makes me happy
  12. I used to have a hoarded stash...a long time ago, as I teach people I give them a hook or two and a book or two to get them started. I give them a book that has illustrated how-to stitch on one of the covers (seems I always have some just for that) I use a G pretty much as often as I can and always have.....I think the first patterns were G and I got stuck on it. I didn't think I preferred any specific brand but as it turns out I have all boye except one bates afghan hook and a big plastic one that I don't know what it is. I think I need to resupply bc I don't have any duplicates (unless you count afghan hooks) and I don't even have an H..... Maybe next time I teach someone I'll take them to the store and buy them a hook or two instead
  13. sopo: beautiful amy: thank you so much for hosting this event. It gave me a chance as a newbie to not just feel the welcome but interact with everybody! everybody: thank you!!!!
  14. Nox: I love your sig quote....only my dog would be wondering why I don't hunt for her??? why I get the good stuff and all she gets is kibble??? Maybe that's why she's always trying to catch stuff outside...to show me how she can do it to lol
  15. Sounds like my kind of red!!!! I'm sure it will be an awesome set and I'd love to see how it comes out
  16. I'm clicking the link and it keeps saying oops it's time....isn't it
  17. sindrlla

    hello from VA!

    Welcome to the ville Happy I Love Yarn Day
  18. sindrlla

    Hi hi!!

    Great day to join up! Happy I Love Yarn Day! Welcome to the ville
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    New here

    Welcome and Happy I Love Yarn Day to you too