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    hats, baby and preemie items, things for my kids
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  1. Rockinmax

    6 ft spidy RR

    That is beautiful. I need to make my son one...Thanks for sharing.
  2. What a beautiful way to use up scraps!
  3. That is beautiful. It's about time to make another doily... Thanks for sharing. stacey
  4. Very nice hats. Some babies are going to be very lucky :-)
  5. What a beautiful set. Your work is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.
  6. That is just adorable. You did a great job:cheer
  7. It's beautiful! Hope you are feeling better. Stacey
  8. Awesome. I love your handles, love the whole bag. Thank you for sharing. Stacey
  9. Awesome. You did a great job. I love the colors and the look.
  10. Those are awesome. Now I have to go find where I put my magazine. Thanks for the inspiration.
  11. I love it. Wow, it is great. I never would have thought those colors would look so good together. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration. I've recently started felting purses and it is addicting LOL Stacey
  12. Lisa, I'm sorry for waiting till the last minute to send your scarf, it is on it's way to you now. My grandfather has taken a turn for the worse and I've been running up to the city pretty much every day to take care of him. I apologise for not staying in better contact with you, I did send you an email at the beginning of the swap asking what colors you like and did get your reply, so was able to use a color you like. I hope you like your scarf and sorry that I wasn't able to include the goodies I wanted to. Stacey
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