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  1. Crochet Cable Twist Headband (All Sizes),http://crochetjewel.com/?p=7103
  2. Crochet Boy's Knight Helmet Hat, http://crochetjewel.com/?p=6952 Men's Knight Helmet Hat, http://crochetjewel.com/?p=6930
  3. Crochet Sashet Heart, http://crochetjewel.com/?p=6782
  4. Crochet Twist Turban Headband The Headband written pattern can be found here: http://crochetjewel.com/?p=6597
  5. Crochet Unicorn Hat Written Pattern can be found here http://crochetjewel.com/?p=6303
  6. Crochet Puff Stitch Christmas Tree pattern, http://crochetjewel.com/?p=5385
  7. Hi Crocheters! I started a Crochet Directory on my Crochet Jewel site! I added an Add Your Pattern button that allows you to upload your Crochet Photo along with Your Direct Link to Your Pattern on My site! Your Crochet Photo and Direct link will be featured on Crochet Jewel! This will increase traffic to your site! Please Grab The Crochet Jewel Button for your site! I can add your Button as well! Thank you! http://crochetjewel.com/?page_id=4435
  8. Hi, Im from michigan, I have a wonderful 4 yr old daughter. I like to crochet in my spare time.
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