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  1. I received an email today asking for the pattern to a hat that I designed. They stated someone asked them to make the hat and they tried to make it but couldnt figure it out. I replied and said that since it is my personal design, I am not selling the pattern and they replied that they found someone. Come to find out they sell crochet hats online and have a facebook page...which is fine, but now Im afraid that she will take what I have come up with and made and sell it herself for profit. Is there anything to protect me?? HELP!!
  2. Phew! Thanks guys! I was so irritated thinking I was doing something wrong or missing a step. Nice to know its normal and the nature of the patterns Thanks again!!
  3. I have been crocheting beanies however the back seam is never streaight...its always slanted or crooked...any suggestions??
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