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  1. :cheerHey all. I have been looking for over 20 years for a specific pattern that my dear mother took to her grave (literally). It was a simple stitch (no shells or baubles or anything like that); I actually saw it this morning made by Leslie Pincher (but cannot find a link to her) on Bev's Country Cottage Web Site. Alas, only hints accompanied the photo; no pattern. The afghan always had one color on one side and another color on the other and it's crocheted from fringe end to end and very closely crocheted with the same stitch over and over. Mamma would always start it for me then I could continue it after the first few rows but now I can't remember anything about the stitch even though I have tried and tried. I have advancing debilitating arthritis and would love to make these for my kids and grandkidlets while I still can. Oh can anyone PLEASE help? It's become 'the impossible dream quest'. This is the closest I've gotten and I am stoked. Please help if you can. Mary Andrews. You can also e-mail me at maryk9947@yahoo.com. Blessings.
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