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    I'm a mom of 4 kids, love to crochet, and hate to clean house!
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    Theatre, crochet, ceramics, scrapbooking, crafts, crafts, crafts!
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    Graduate Nurse currently waiting on my licence
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    Anything fast. I like that sense of accomplishment. Having ADD (inattentive type) makes me want to switch projects a lot!
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  1. Over the weekend I crocheted 3 but bought 5 so I'm -4 for the week.
  2. I still have yet to get working on that afghan for my son! I am a little more than half done with a lapghan for a charity project. Does that count?
  3. Well, I got about 1/2 of the lapghan done. Just had too much other stuff to do this past week. But I'm still working on it. I'll probably have it finished this weekend if everything goes smoothly with the rest of my life...lol!
  4. 2 skeins this week on an afghan/lapghan for a charity type project. I thought I would be done with it by now, but no. I'll just keep working!
  5. What a good idea! Thanks for coordinating all that.
  6. Hello! Welcome from one Michigander to another! This is a great place with lots of support to help you get stuff done!
  7. http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/church-group-works-to-help-strippers-on-a-different-path The pink scarf on the ottoman is one I crocheted!
  8. This is the most FANTASTIC Valentine present! Your hubby is a keeper!
  9. Well, none of this is due until Christmas, so hopefully I can get it done before then!
  10. WOW! That is absolutely STUNNING! What an accomplishment! Of course I have ADHD, so a project that large and complex would take me 2 lifetimes to finish! I'm thoroughly impressed!
  11. Well, I bought the patterns for the stuffed animals for my kids! YAY! Raccoon , Otter , Reindeer , and Cow. They are all by Teri Crews. She's very talented! I need to pick out two more for my niece and nephew. I have the yarn already in my stash for the felted purses, but I also have a ton of wool sweaters and I may end up doing sweater purses for my mom and SIL, I haven't quite decided. Anyway, that's where I'm at so far!
  12. Well, I've been crocheting some, but not enough to earn points. However, I ROAK'd 3 skeins, and I believe that counts, so I'm +6! I'm going to keep my hook moving so maybe I'll have more points by Saturday. I've been working on this granny square afghan, and I'm just waiting until I finish up the skeins before I add the points. Maybe I'll get it done today or tomorrow.
  13. Alrighty! I'm getting started! My goal is just to finish at least one lapghan/throw in this 6 day period. Doesn't seem like a lot, but I get distracted easily...lol. AND GO!
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