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    I am a 33 yr. old mother and wife. I have 5 beautiful boys and a hubby of 17 yrs.
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    New York
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    crocheting, reading, & facebook
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    student at University of Phoenix online
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    quilt ghans
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    since 1995
  1. Judy~ Beautiful work on both blankets. I love Attic24 designs and color. So cheery.
  2. Thanks ladies. The sweater pattern is a free pattern on ravelry.....I believe it is called the chevron sweater. You make it from the neck down, so you can try it on throughout the process for a comfy fit. =) I just spent over 3 hours organizing and cleaning my yarn vomit to make it accessible & usable. Sooo......I am heading off to my recliner for a little relaxing time. Have a great day.
  3. Hello all. Thanks for the picture tips, Judy. =) Here is my sweater..........
  4. Hi y'all. I finished my sweater & wore it to church this morning. I would post pictures, but I cannot figure out how to do that in this forum......... Have a good night all.
  5. Of course......a few actually. Haha, some things never change. I am trying to finish up my sweater (I am making myself a sweater out of Madeline Tosh yarn that I won)........then I'd like to start the summer sweater by Glamour4U. I also have an afghan sitting on the sidelines & a half finished giraffe that is begging for attention.
  6. Haha!! Well, I go to a crochet/knitting group at the library & we have a knitting expert......she always talks about putting a line in, so you don't lose your work. I guess it makes it easier in case these issues occur. You just pull a piece of thread or yarn through every couple rows.....then you can pull them out as you go along. Yes, time does fly......another couple years & I'll probably be a grandma.
  7. Thanks! So sorry to hear about your shoulder.....prayers for healing quickly & minimal pain. Your shawl sounds like it is going to be super soft. Happy birthday!
  8. Howdy ladies. It is bitterly cold here today, but grocery shopping had to get done. Now I am in where it is warm & I am staying put. Hopefully, y'all are staying warm too. My family is doing well. I think the last time I was in here was right after I had Elijah......he is now 3 years old. We just moved this weekend after 11 years in our other apartment. My twin boys are out on their own.....Tre is living with his girlfriend in the next town over and working full-time AND Sage is living in a dorm room at SUNY Cobleskill studying diesel mechanics. I still want to learn how to
  9. No, nothing in mind just wondering if y'all still did that. I haven't done one since before Christmas.....I did a surprise CAL on ravelry & it turned out to be a stocking. =)
  10. Hello everyone!! I peek around here every now and again. I miss all of you like crazy!! Do any of you still do CAL's? I still crochet like a mad hooker. I hope all of you are well.....I have no time to read through over 800 pages. And Christi....I love that corner to corner blanket. Beautiful!
  11. Hello everyone. Sorry about popping in just here & there but I have been so overwhelmed. I finally decided to take 2 weeks off from school after this class, which is ending on Monday. I need some me time. I hope you are all doing well....I didn't have time to read the back posts.
  12. Hi Mary! Thanks, it's always great to come in here. Yes, Elijah's skin is doing well.....he has to use special, expensive lotion and if he flares-up he has to use a steroidal ointment. The derm. seems to think it is going to be more of a winter issue. Thanks for asking. I cannot wait to see your fishy ghan. How has life been treating you? Very nice Valerie. I hope you find some relief soon.
  13. Julie~I am so happy to hear your tests were good. Great news! Sorry I have been MIA, I have been busy with my Hubby's birthday, Jaden's speech therapy, school, the baby, so on & so on.
  14. Yes, my Hubby fixed the stroller tires. I have no idea why I could not figure out how to put air in a tire. And you should never feel guilty about laying around....we all need days like that. Yep, good ole hippy Woodstock....I have always been told I should have been a flower child. I hated leaving, it tears at my heart every time we drive away. I'll attach a couple pics of a lil piece of Woodstock for ya. Nah, we're just hanging around. I am making macaroni salad and chili dogs, but that's about it. Crocheting and reading is not doing nothing.....it sounds like
  15. HeeHee, yep that's me. Beautiful! Valerie~Thank you! Cindy~Yeah, I have one of those jogger strollers although I will never jog. But it is great for our rough terrain hikes. Julie~I hope you are doing well. Sorry I didn't check in yesterday, but we spent the day in Woodstock. Have a beautiful day my friends.
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