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    crocheting, Bond knitting, playing toys with grandson :)
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    LPN, rubber stamp/scrapbook store owner; medical admin professional student to grad Dec 2011
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  1. Please enter me too. Thanks for your generosity
  2. Im in new holstein, 2 hours northeast of you.
  3. Where in Wis are ya? Im here too! lol Welcome
  4. totally way late belated and I just unearthed the note from the package with the lovely teal edged square with a heart made out of puff stitches from Sabrina/Bubbe!! Ya know how things get lost in the craft room? yup thatswhat happened. Thanks so much Sabrina! Hugs, laurel
  5. Our walmarts have it in wisconsin. Istarted one but finding it s l o w to work up. The pattern takes the whole all and i barely have 6" done. It is pretty tho. Hugs, Laurel
  6. Slightly OT, isnt there a fellow whose wife is on here, that the man makes lots of knitting loom hats? They have a blog, I think, but didn't save it. Thanks in advance if you can point me to them on cville or their blog. Big hugs, laurel
  7. Here are the goodies I received 3 skeins of ILTY, a scrubber/dishcloth, scrap crochet (I don't think I had this one) several pattern pamphlets, a lovely pair of earrings she crocheted and beaded, note pad, some fun accessories from the crochet guy, and the lovely 3 color purse Love them all! Hugs! LAUREL
  8. Awesome!! I love the african flowers. Just ordered the book from walmart.com, under $11.00 w free site to store Thanks for sharing and enabling
  9. Has anyone crocheted with bakers twine? like? don't like? I keep seeing it when I am surfing on Etsy and was wondering if it is some new trend that I "need" to get me some? Also, there is a really thick yarn, almost a tshirt yarn, that isn't just recycled tshirts, and I can't recall the name of it. I have one of Jimbo's huge hooks and want to try making a rug with the thick stuff but forgot what it is called. Or would I be better off just making my own with tshirts or bed sheets? Anyone on here have a Jimbo huge hook and have pix of what you've made using it? I would love to see. I had to get one of his big 'uns cuz it is soooo awesome and now I wanna put it to good use Thanks mucho! Laurel
  10. Christie!!! I just emailed you the delivery conf, as well as our hostess Misty I emailed you both via regular email and not here on the cville board. start stalking the mailman! its in a medium flat rate priority box with lots of tape and my traditional red "do not bend" sticker on da mailing label hehehehehe
  11. what book? found it on amazon for a penny! ordered, thanks for sharing, that placemat is just adorable!
  12. Mine also will be mailed on monday, found something extra to hook up quick and add to the purse
  13. AWESOME!!!! i gotta try this thanks so much for sharing
  14. Hubby, who is half asleep, just said sure, knock yer self out lol after i told him the cost Kewl trip tho! Id love to get together here in the US with other crazy hookers
  15. Thanks for sharing the pattern Ellen, its in my to do pile lol
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