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  1. Thanks everyone! Onto the next project....whatever it may be
  2. OK, well, this was my first afghan, it was a simple double crochet x-stitch and single crochet in the color. My gauge was off on the length, so it was much shorter than it was supposed to be, however it worked because the recipient is on the short side lol. Practice practice practice right The pattern called for a fringe, but a) I don't like fringe and b) she has cats that will chew the fringe. This took me about 60 hours total (had to rip out a couple spots to fix lol)
  3. Yes, it's the pink & white afghan that the link was a supposed to go to. Thanks for the great help everyone! I feel much more confident now. Can't wait for my work day to end so I can go home & continue on!!
  4. Sorry, I mistyped the hook size, my apologies I am using an N/9/13 mm. I will try going looser and see what happens. I did my 118 chain and it seems kinda short. Maybe I will add 4 more chains so I can add another inch or two. Not that the recipient needs more length lol... She's only 4"8' (she's 42 lol) but I want her to be able to snuggle all up in it, so longer is better
  5. Thanks everyone! Positive feedback makes me so happy On to the next project, my first afghan. Then I may make a few more holders for Christmas gifts. I use reusable bags most of the time, but having a few plastic ones laying around can be handy
  6. Hi there! The pattern I am making is this one: http://www.free-crochet.com/members/download.html?code=FC00950 It says 7 sc=4 in & 1 xstich & 1 sc row = 1 1/2 inch. I did my swatch using an N/9 mm hook and I am dead on with the height at 1 x-stitch & 1 sc row being 1 1/2 inches, but my 7 sc are short by about a half inch. Is that an acceptable variance in this type of pattern or should I keep trying to get it to match? Thanks in advance for the feedback Rachel
  7. My first real attempt at crocheting. Turned out quite well in my opinion http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa377/Cats_N_Plants/a2a53ee0.jpg Any thoughts? Rachel
  8. I am now halfway through my grocery bag holder after ripping it all out and starting over. My order has finally arrived so tomorrow I will start on my friend's afghan, which will be a Christmas present. I have a bed runner and a scarf & hat waiting in the wings . Just started this craft and already I have a line up of things to keep myself busy
  9. Welcome Carole! I am from Canada too, I live in Edmonton. I am new to crochet as well, this site is a wonderful resource and the people are very friendly. Glad you found this site, hope you can learn some new things as I have and maybe make some new friends  Take care, Rachel.
  10. Yes, my aunt made doll clothes too. I have several pieces she made in my china cabinet. My mom made these cute pillows, it was a doll wearing a dress like those old victorian dresses, but the flowing dress part became a pillow. I think I still have one. I will have to make a display one day of all the stuff they made and post it. They have both passed on, but they left me some beautiful keepsakes
  11. It's okay, it was a pretty major boo boo - it started out with 40 sc and somehow I had managed to add 5 sc in so I was at 45 and it was becoming lopsided. Plus, I was doing the (ahem...clears throat...embarrased lol) sc wrong. LOL The most basic stitch and I did it wrong, I was adding an extra yo when I should have been just pulling through two loops. Oops...live and learn right? I started again this morning after a good night sleep and already, 4 rows back in it is already looking better than what I had yesterday. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone, it makes the oopsies much better Happy Thankgiving to all my fellow Canadian crocheters
  12. Well apparently I have much to learn because I just ripped out my entire project because I was doing the stitch wrong. I was almost halfway done. I am so mad at myself for not double checking. So now I have to start all over. Oh well, on the bright side, I just learned a very valuable lesson LOL
  13. I am very new to crochet. I was taught by my mom years ago how to do the basics, but never went very far, and recently have found this urge to get back into it. I always thought it was boring and something only old people do. Well, here I am, 34, and LOVING my new hobby!! There are so many patterns and fun things to make. I have a project waiting in the wings, the mail is very slow in bringing my wool order in. I ordered it on September 27, and here we are October 8th and it's just arrived in Vancouver from Illinois. Hopefully it will arrive here in the next day or two, but with Monday being a holiday here, I will be impressed if I see it by next weekend. So...in the meantime, I needed to keep crocheting to get better. I am making a holder for my plastic grocery bags. I recycle most of them but like to keep a handful around for carting lunches etc around in. I bought some blue Loops and Threads Impeccable from Michaels and dug in this morning. I am not in love with this yarn, but seeing how I don't know the difference in them, it is a good learning experience. I just can't believe how much fun I am having sitting and crocheting! I always wondered how mom could sit there and crochet for hours, now I know!! Its addictive and a productive way to spend the evenings when we are just watching TV. I learned 2 new stitches and have mastered crocheting behind another stitch. Being able to see the project develop as I go is so very cool!! I could have just gone and bought a holder, but making it myself is so much better; a great feeling of accomplishment lol. Anyways, just needed to share with other people with the same passion! No one else in my family does crochet so I have no one to get advice from, I love this website lol. Thanks for reading Rachel
  14. Welcome neighbor!! I am from Edmonton too!! Enjoy the forum! Lots of great tips and patterns here.
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