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  1. Thanks so much Denise. This is about the 16th surgery after breast cancer. Long story ;-) That wasn't the pattern but I LOVE IT so I'll use that one. Thank you SOOOO much. Take care. ~Nancy
  2. Good Morning All, We are getting soooo close. I looked at the patterns that you pointed me too and - although very similar - I took another look at my poncho and it's definitely a cluster stitch where - 3 dc cl - instead of straight double crochet. The "look" of the Lion Brand baby poncho is really close to what I made but I really loved the look of the clusters - somehow it makes the bottom a bit more rounded than using straight double crochet in the corners...I don't know if that makes sense or now. Maybe I can have my husband take a photo when he gets up so you can see it better but it might be hard to see the difference unless I can get a close up of the clusters. It's very very similar. I'm going to get back into bed now. Our puppy woke me up at 0430 and needed to go outside so now she's in her "puppy crazy" mode and I have to be careful that she doesn't jump on me ;-) Thank you so much for the time you took to help me search for this. I know I'll find it but I'm kicking myself for not keeping the pattern. It was easy to make and I love wearing the one I made. I made one for a friend of mine as well and I asked her if I gave her a copy of the pattern...no such luck. I even checked my email to see if I might have saved it. Fiddly-dee. My bad this time. ~Nancy
  3. Hi Kathy - I printed it from somewhere on the web :-( I'm usually really good about keeping things organized and available but the one time I want to reuse a pattern, I've failed. I'm still looking....guess I'm rather persistent. Thanks! Nancy
  4. Hi All - I'm so frustrated as I've been searching for 2 days for a crochet poncho pattern I used to make 2 great ponchos. Can't find it anywhere in the house and DH has even helped me look ;-) I've also now spent a total of 4 hours searching the internet for it and can't find it. I just had surgery yesterday morning and I thought it would be a great time to make another poncho using that pattern. I remember that the pattern starts at the neck with something like 72 chain and then you slip stitch to the beginning chain to make a loop. From that point on, the first row is made up of a 3 dc cluster but I can't tell if I skip a chain in between or what. I also see that the 2nd row starts the increase in the 2 corners and there was something about the end of the row where you slip stitch into one of the chains or something like that. Doggonit. I really want to find that pattern as I'm not good at "making it up". I know that my original search for patterns began when I wanted to make a poncho for a baby. When I was searching online, I saw a couple of patterns that were for baby and could be adjusted for adults but they used the "shell" stitch not the cluster stitch. DRATS! I have the yarn ready to be used and can't find the pattern. Has anyone seen this pattern? I have no idea of the name or even the author. Thanks so much for any help you can provide. ~Nancy
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