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    I'm a single mom of two teenage boys. As you can imagine they keep both me and lady Clairol busy lol. When I'm not running them here or there, you can find me in my craft studio working on my next Kreation usually with Bon Jovi rocking in the background.
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    Port Crane NY
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    Crafting, reading and Bon Jovi
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    Right now I'm trying to get an online craft store up and running
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    my custom snowpeople
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  1. I've always wanted to try it too but knew it would hurt and thats why I haven't. I have been making jewelry using crochet tread and that is painful enough. Gonna have to start wearing my braces to bed again too. I won't stop crocheting though!
  2. OMG too beautiful, i consider myself pretty educated in crochet and I can honestly say I don't I could ever make something so nice. Your very talented
  3. Very pretty. I have never felted before is it difficult?
  4. How CUTE!!!! So gonna make one (ok a bunch) of these
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