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    I am the daughter of sahm2g1b and sister of Kam. I have been on a crochet and knitting craze for about five years now. Reading is my escape from reality.
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    Decatur, TN
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    reading, crocheting, knitting, and photography
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    hats, hats, and more hats
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  1. melia.ann


    Thank you! I kinda figured it wasn't too hard but I wasn't sure how to go about doing it.
  2. melia.ann


    Hello. I have been crocheting for 13 years and knitting for 5, but I have never thought to have the need to block items.... until this year's Bernat KAL (which is too late for me to block because i almost have it done). I would like to learn how to block items so that they come out even, but I don't know where to start. If anyone wouldbe kind enough to help it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Melia
  3. Hey I'm from Meigs county, about an hour south of Knoxville via I-75
  4. Thank you! I made that hat for a girl I consider my other little sister for Christmas. She absolutely loved it.
  5. Me and my sister are planning on opening up a shop on etsy selling some handmade items. (knit, crochet, and some stitch markers right now) I have sold some items through local orders, but this has helped alot to show how much work has to be done to keep up the shop.
  6. For more information see the seeking pattern testers thread
  7. I need five people to test a pattern for a super simple pixie/bonnet style hat with fox ears for me. If they can get it done within a week's time that would be splendid, but I don't have a true time frame for this. (Sorry about the pictures being fuzzy. She wouldn't stay still for very long.) It requires: US 10 circular needles Lion Brand: Vanna's Choice-Black Lion Brand: Homespun-Hepplewhite Lion Brand: Wool-Ease Thick and Quick-Pumpkin
  8. I have a pattern that I need five people to test for me. It is a super simple pixie/bonnet style hat with fox ears added to it. If anyone is interested please let me know. **Here are a couple of pictures. (Sorry they are fuzzy. She wouldn't stay still very long.)**
  9. im sorry that i havent posted this sooner, but thank you bubbe for the puffy i got last week it is the most adorable square i have ever seen i will most definately find a place for it http://m1058.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/melia821/2012-08-13_20-03-14_878.jpg.html?newest=1
  10. i have a question what are puffys? i keep seeing it metioned but i dont know what it means....
  11. hello people of crochetville! i'm sorry i haven't gotten on in a long time been busy with work and then enjoying time with my family in my free time. but im back!
  12. Abbynormal they work up quickly and I would love to make me a pair eventually.
  13. I grew up crocheting, as my mom had taught me when I was younger. A couple of years ago I taught myself to knit using some YouTube videos to help me. I picked up a strange cross between continental and English, but finally figured out the correct form of English and it works much better now.
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