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  1. I made the Irish Lace and Roses MAM afghan for my Dad a long time ago, minus the flowers. I can't remember now but I think I did it all in one color since I wasn't adding the flowers. http://www.free-crochet.com/detail.html?code=FC00797&cat_id=302
  2. Very nice. I like the colors.
  3. I really like your purse, turned out nice.
  4. Your purse turned out really great! I like it.
  5. seabreeze

    Sampler Afghan

    Your afghan turned out really nice. I was just looking at that pattern and thinking I might like to try it but use all one color.
  6. I'm in Washington state. Usually all they have is Caron Rhapsody is some shades of pink and green.
  7. I stopped at Dollar Tree just to look around and they actually had some yarn this time. Caron Dazzleaire. I grabbed 16 skeins in 4 different colors. They had nice colors too. I would have grabbed it all if I could have. They had a lot of it.
  8. Thank you everyone. I've made 3 more of these scarves but with a different yarn. Not quite as nice but still looks ok.
  9. Barnes and Noble has the magazine too.
  10. Thank you. It really is a fun scarf to make.
  11. I just took Karen Whooley's class here on the 'Ville, finished the scarf last night. Thought it would take me forever to finish the scarf but it was actually pretty quick to make once I got past the first row. Made this in the Denim color. Thanks for looking. Vickie
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