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    I moved from the East coast (PA, NY MD) to Missouri about six years ago. Still getting used to it, lol! I have a wonderful finance and FIVE kitties. I never meant to have that many, giggle. They sneak up on you.
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    Southeast Missouri
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    Crochet, reading, Renaissance Faires, Photography
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    About 1976
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    Afghans & Squares
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  1. DeborahJean

    Rainbow Afghan #2

    Love it! It's beautiful.
  2. DeborahJean

    Bits and bobs of hues of blue

    I LURVE this! Great job!
  3. DeborahJean

    Sweetheart Ripple

    Beautiful! - Both of them!
  4. DeborahJean

    Star Quilt -- finally finished

    I think it's gorgeous! Is there a pattern? I looked at your blog - that's lovely too! Oops! just saw where you got the pattern, lol. Thank you!
  5. DeborahJean

    Angie's Afghan

    The afghan is beautiful! And the doggie is just sweet!
  6. DeborahJean

    Figuring out Gauge

    Kathy, thank you! I AM a "lifter" and a "yanker!" As soon as I read it it made sense. I can't tell you how excited I am! Such a little thing and it solved my problem - or at least gave me something to word on. "The Golden Loop" was a great help too! Thank you so much!
  7. DeborahJean

    Figuring out Gauge

    Thanks for all the info, Momcrochets! I am using ILTY in Royal Sparkle (and I do Love That Yarn, lol). Who knew there was so much to consider! The body is just double crochet. I can't understand for the life of me why my rows would be bigger. I could see if it was a tension issue. Oh well. Everyone has been lovely and given me great advice. I keep playing around with it till I get it. Thanks again!
  8. DeborahJean

    Figuring out Gauge

    Good idea Kathy! It's a pattern I paid for "Shell Edged Jacket" Pattern #PA348 by Maggie Weldon. Here's a link to it. (I hope that's OK.) http://www.maggiescrochet.com/maggies-crochet-shell-edged-jacket-pattern-p-201.html
  9. DeborahJean

    Can anyone read Italian?

    I don't read Italian, but maybe you could try a free translater online. Bing has one and Bable Fish is one. I think they use metric too. Oh, and I think the hooks are different sized too. Best of luck to you!
  10. DeborahJean

    Figuring out Gauge

    Yikes! I just figured worsted weight was worsted weight! Well that's good to know. That pattern doesn't call for a specific type of yarn - it just says worsted weight. I will try making a bigger swatch. I'll use the hook sized called for and go from there. Thank you so much for the reply!
  11. DeborahJean

    Figuring out Gauge

    Oops! I did forget to put it calls for worsted weight and that's what I'm using. It's really just a basic rectangle that will be sewn together to make a shrug, then it has a pretty lacey edgeing. So, maybe I can just subtract a row (or two)? Thank you so much for the answer. You gave me some things to think about!
  12. DeborahJean

    Figuring out Gauge

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to start a new pattern (it's a shrug), and I'm actually going to check my gauge. 13 stitches and seven rows is supposed to equal 4 x 4 inches. I used the recommended hook (K) and got 5 x 5. I switched down to an I and only got 3.5 inches wide, but my 7 rows were still 5 inches. Any ideas? Thanks for reading!
  13. DeborahJean

    Akua's christmas tree patterns

    Too cute for words! And Becky - I LOVE that you wear your Christmas tree on your head! Rock on!
  14. DeborahJean

    Lighted Crochet Hooks

    Thanks for the info! I think I'll give them a try.
  15. DeborahJean

    Perfectly Plaid

    Love it!