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    I'm a portuguese woman of 41 years, psychologist and completely in love with crochet.
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    since I was a child...
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  1. novelo inquieto

    pencil cases

    The rose one was already kidnapped by my daughter!!!
  2. novelo inquieto

    two-color coin purses

    Do you like it???
  3. novelo inquieto

    on my wall - freeform experience

    Thanks for your comment, rainbowridergrma!
  4. novelo inquieto

    Hello from Portugal!

    Thanks girls!!!
  5. novelo inquieto

    on my wall - freeform experience

    What do you think about that?
  6. novelo inquieto

    freeform broochs

    A set of 4 freeform broochs... comments, please?!?
  7. novelo inquieto

    Peony Brooch

    Beautiful work, love it!
  8. novelo inquieto

    Crocheting with Wire and Crystals

    Gorgeous! Love it!
  9. novelo inquieto

    Victorian style crochet necklace with rose

    I really love this necklace... I think it's romantic!!!
  10. novelo inquieto

    New to your Site!

  11. novelo inquieto

    Aussie newbie

    Hello and from Portugal!
  12. novelo inquieto


    Hello and welcome!!!
  13. novelo inquieto


    Hello! I'm a new member too... from Portugal!
  14. novelo inquieto

    Hello from Portugal!

    Thank you very much for your warm welcome!!! I'm sure I'll enjoy this community, I get that is very dynamic! I must apologize for my bad English, but I hope you understand what I write and please feel free to correct me!
  15. novelo inquieto

    Hello from Portugal!

    Hello! I am a 41 year old Portuguese woman, wife and mother of a beautiful girl of 10 years, clinical psychologist. I've learned to crochet in my childhood, but only 3 years ago I came to discover this passion, which is my real treatment for stress. I like all kind of works, but the freeform crochet is my favourite. And thats all, for now... if you want to know a little more about me, please ask me!