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  1. I am trying to figure out how to preven that pesky space at the end of my hdc. I dont' remember what site or book I found it in but I really need it now...I am getting sick of those little spaces!
  2. Thanks! I used Red Heart Super Saver's Brown.
  3. I decided to try making my very own amigurumi without the use of a pattern. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be very easy, very quick and very fun! http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h154/Coco_Butterfly/IMG_0048.jpg http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h154/Coco_Butterfly/IMG_0043.jpg
  4. I'm making an amigurumi and it's been going pretty well these things are really simple...however...I cannot sew to save my life and the face is embroidered on. It kind of reminds me of a satin stitch but I'm willing to use any stitch so long as it gets me a similar look. Please help, thanks!
  5. Do you think I could just reduce the number of pattern repeats?
  6. I decided to make a top from Crochet Today (Lacy Pineapples). I am a little worried about the size that it's supposed to be. The directions say: Sizes: S/M (L/1X, 2X/3X) finished chest: 42 (49, 56)"/106.5 (124.5, 142)cm finished length: 23 (231/2, 24)"/ 58.5 (59.5, 61)cm I am worried that the measurements given are on the large side for the S/M size. A 36" would hang off on me. At first when I started I thought that it was large b/c you need an undershirt on but I don't think that all this excess explains the increased size anymore....Help!
  7. It wasn't very hard. I'd say a 3 (with 10 being the hardest). For me the toughest part was trying to figure out how to shape the twist but the body of the wrap is sooo easy!
  8. Thanks so much everyone it helped out a lot! ....but now I'm stuck again....I've started on the body but have no clue what to do. I feel like such a novice... In This Pic I drew what I think the pattern is trying to say but I'm not sure b/c it doesn't seem to work out. If I work in the established pattern around in this way won't it make the shells come out sideways? I've already joined my yarn and worked across the left front edge; however, I was stumped exactly where you see my hook at. I keep trying to figure out what the pattern means by saying "Dc in first V-st on back" do I do this Click Me and follow either the yellow or pink lines??? I don't know what to do now besides go to bed...I need to stop working on this when I'm half asleep! Thanks for the help!!
  9. :devilMore Questions Added In Other Posts!!! Before I even begin let me start off by saying YES I did check the errata page and I am aware of the corrections !! I have already completed the back part and I usually like to read over the pattern before I begin. I was reading the instructions for the Right front and I noticed it said " Rows 2-5: Work even in established pattern of rows 2-5 of back" I haven't been crocheting long so I'm not to familiar with all the pattern lingo but what does it mean by "working even"?? Does it mean keep doin the same thing as you did in rows 2-5 or does it mean someting else?? Also what is the best or easiest way to reverse these shaping for the left front?? Thanks!
  10. The pattern is from Moda Dea. You might find it in a local craft store but I couldn't find this specific one so I ordered it from Crafters Home. And thanks everyone for all your compliments!
  11. With out a doubt Crochet Today wins hands down!! It has more trendy and youthful patterns that Crochet! If I had the time I would crochet everything that's in the mag!
  12. It took me a little while to get past the first part of this wrap but with some help from Darski and Mommy2jj3604 I was able to complete it rather quickly. I love it and can’t wait until I am able to use it regularly. Front & Back On MeUp Close
  13. Thank You Darski and Mommy2jj3604!!! Between the two of you I think I know what to do!!! Thanks for the pic's mommy! And I hope your wrap comes out nice Darski I think I'll customize this one b/c some of the things that they suggest I do could be done a lot easier. Thank you!
  14. LoveHime

    waterfall afghan

    Oh wow that looks sooo cozy I wish I could sunggle up in that right now!! Great job! :cheer What kind of yarn did you use??
  15. The thing is I don't even have a shawl so far all I have, according to the pattern is this little scarp ( click me). The first part of the pattern is easy but it's this one little paragraph that keeps on stumping me (Click Me). I don't even know where to start with the questions....for instance what is the bottom edge??? I have not a clue what I am doing...
  16. I saw the blanket in Total Crochet for the Home and the color scheme they used inspired mine. I thought the square looked familiar to me and it was...it is also used in 200 Crochet Blocks #35 the Tricolor Square. I made it for my mother but it matches my room soooo well I'm now jealous. Afghan 1 Afghan 2 Afghan On My Bed
  17. The magazine was Crochet Today but I had to order the pattern off the internet form Crafter's Home. Moda Dea was just advertising their patterns in Crochet Today. Twist Wrap
  18. I have now clue what I am doing right now...I saw that pattern in a magazine and while it is intermediate I thought it was about time I got of the easy stuff and try something a little more challenging....Now I'm stuck at almost the very beginning of the project. I don't know if I can post the pattern instructions but if I can I will. In the mean time if anyone has done this pattern and can offer me some help I'd be grateful. I've gotten the easy part done the Left Front (C-Shaped split on left front) but it's when I got to the part that's titled Connect ends to form opening I am getting confused. I don't understand where they want me to start the first row or how to "gently curve the piece into a C-shape and work across opposite end of piece to form opening". HELP
  19. It's been awhile since I crochet anything so I decided to try my hand at this blanket. I found the pattern in Crochet Today and fell in love with the red color scheme. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to work it up...it only took about three weeks but that was in the mist of several parties and wedding showers so I think I did good on time for a change! :yarnClick Me
  20. I got the pattern from a book called Simply Soft Crochet Accessories which I found in Wal-Mart. I alread had the Caron International Simply Soft Blue Mint yarn (which was used in the pics) so thats what I used Oops I forgot to add the link to the book: Click Me Thanks everyone for your feedback!!
  21. Thanks for the compliemtes everyone. And in response to knicKnac I got the patter from this book Click Me.
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