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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas everyone! Does anyone have a really cute beach cover up pattern? Thanks again!
  2. Oooh, I will look into that! Thank you!
  3. Good Morning Everyone, I am getting married in Cuba, January 2013. For my Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid, I am going to crochet a beach bag with a drawstring. When I give it to them, I am going to have their jewellery I want them to wear in it, along with a gift certificate for manicures and pedicures before we leave. I was wondering if there is something else I can crochet and put in there. I just wasn't quite sure on what. Does anyone have any suggestions? With patterns? Thank you! Leonie
  4. I have no idea how to do that. lol And, there was another lady that totally helped me out at the beginning of all this, and I can't find her on here. Boo.
  5. Thanks ladies, here's the pic, Any idea on an easy baby poncho?
  6. Does anyone have a cute baby poncho pattern that doesn't have a hood? I want one with a loose pattern and suggest what kind of yarn to use. Thank you!!
  7. Sorry Gremlin, I went back to work (was off for surgery) and haven't checked this site for a while. I appreciate all the help....the afghan is done! It didn't quite end up a rectangle, it started as well. Oh well, its still pretty!! Thanks again!!
  8. THanks everyone, wow....I love all the help here!!
  9. Ya, sorry, I still don't get it. My second ch-1 space should be the actual chain 1 from the 1st row right? the square and circular brackets are really throwing me off too. This is nothing like crocheting in the round like the dishcloths I've been working on and the hats I've made. Starting as a row and then trying to crochet in the round is really throwing me off. I even emailed the people I got the pattern from.
  10. Thanks Gremlin!!! What about the square and round brackets in round one?
  11. policebound

    I need help!

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this site and fairly new to crocheting. I have a pattern that I have been trying to do for the last hour and I cannot get past the 1st round. I am so frustrated. Can someone please help me? http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/weekend-granny-throw Here is the link. I keep trying to look at the picture to see what it's supposed to look like but I can't figure it out. The 1st row says you'll have 2 ch-1 spaces, but the 1st round sounds like I am supposed to do double crochets in 3 ch-1 spaces.
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