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  1. I've only recently started using LB Homespun, and I know some of you ladies here use it all the time and will be able to advise me here. Weaving the ends in are not a problem, but they won't stay in. I'm finding that every one of them keeps working themselves out, and I have all these little "hairy bits" sticking out of my project. What do you guys do for this? Should I use some fabric glue on them??
  2. Not so hard to weave in, but I'm finding that they won't stay in, and some of them are working themselves out, kind of frustrating. For the next one, I thought I might either pose the question here, or just get some fabric glue and use that. Not sure yet.
  3. I have this pattern, but never been brave enough to try it. This is really good, you should be proud of this one.
  4. Good work!!! love those colors. I've always stayed away from homespun but I've been working with it more and more (it DOES take getting used to), and the more I work with it the more I like it. and anything you make with it, is super warm. Excelent!!
  5. Very nice, good job! This pattern reminds me of Martha's poncho, the "coming home" one she wore. you do great work!
  6. Yes, I pretty much followed the pattern except I added a few rows to each half to make it bigger. Like you, I didn't really like it in the two different yarns, then I saw another crafter's rendition on Ravelry in just one yarn, and again like you, it really changed my mind about the pattern. there is a back seam, and the front seam doesn't go all the way down which makes it open in the front. I LOVE it!! I got several complements yesterday and even had someone ask me to make them one. So it's a hit! super simple pattern! And in the homespun, it is very warm. It was windy and cold here yesterday, and I actually got a bit over warm while wearing it. I highly recommend the homespun for this one.
  7. I've been drooling over the infinity wrap since I first saw it. Love love love Kristin's patterns. Pretty shawl too, good job!
  8. I used just one yarn instead of 2 like the pattern calls for. This is made with LB Homespun in Neuvou (sp?). Sorry, not sure how to spell that. This is super warm! one of the best things I've ever made for myself. Yes! for me me me! Not giving this one away. Front Back I hope the picture loadin' works.
  9. There's a picture posted of the bag over at Ravelry. It looks very much like the FBB except the opening is like a turtle neck sweater.
  10. See, this is the trouble I'm having. I did the Treble to join and it worked fine till I get to the row adding the 10 TC. now it looks completely wonky with that trebble join two rows below. It's making me crazy.
  11. I wish I could see it. I only have computer at work, and photobucket is blocked, so I miss out on most of the projects posted here now.
  12. Doris is one of my favs. I was looking at this just the other day.
  13. How COOL is that?? Might have to pick that up for myself.
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