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    I rescue & foster dogs, in my 'spare' time I crochet & my main job is my 2 y/o & 15 y/o children :D
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  1. My husbands on deployment #4 so just saying as the voice of experience go for a lighter blanket. Maybe a quillow type deal imo. Usually they have some type of double layered sleeping bag anyway & things that are too bulky tend to get left behind or have to be disposed of
  2. I had to add I tried the Russian join method because of this post too & now I'm in love with it I doubt I'll go back to any other way now if I can help it.
  3. Here we go. I'm doing a skein every 2 weeks of the variegated & the white is lasting a lot longer. Pardon the black & white 'thing' at the top. I was aggravated at the yarn & was going to make it into a impromptu dog bed but before I could whip stitch it & stuff it my son claimed it as his blankie. Go figure
  4. Well I was going to try this but instead I'm making a queen sized afghan all one piece. I'm hooked on my current color scheme, I may get to make two different ones by the time he gets home, we shall see. I'll be posting pics in the a.m. when I have better light. Up to about 12000 stitches so far lol.
  5. Well I have mine done but no where to send it? Hopefully the person comes back before they send off the others.
  6. Also I'll share something I didn't know when I started buying yarn, even if it feels a little scratchy like Red Heart Super Saver, it softens up after you wash it so don't turn away from it thinking 'ewww this feels rough' and go buy something either really bulky or much more expensive to learn with. Ripping out yarn over & over as you learn can make it pretty rough looking, using a cheaper yarn is better imo.
  7. Hah sounds like something my hubby would do just to be a goof.
  8. If it's not too late & I'm not too new I'd love to have my name entered also. Thank you for doing this!
  9. Thank you all, great ideas. Luckily I still have a few months to pick out what I'm going to use. I believe this is the first time I've ever had a project I really didn't want to do. My understanding is the walls are black & dark purple in the nursery, just the thought kind of makes me shrivel inside & a bit depressed The idea to use other muted & lighter colors of purple with it are great too. Poor kid. I must remember to feed my husband some liver that he hates when he comes home just for volunteering me into such a project.
  10. They're all gorgeous. I fell in love with your grey blanket though, nice work & thanks for sharing!
  11. I don't have any pictures unfortunately. It's for a little girl & the parents want no 'girly' colors so they are only using black & dark purple. I think I'll grab some other shades & try that though, great idea. Thank you
  12. Joining because my mind tends to wander & I forget what projects I still have to do before I try starting more :/ So far: 1 afghan for my step-father(about 1/4 done) 2 hooded scarves for my mother & my best friend 1 longhorns afghan for dh (about 1/4 done) 1 afghan/throw for my 15 y/o (1/4 done also) 1 pillow pal for my 2 y/o As many dog beds as I can finish by X-mas for our 9 dogs. 3 silly hats for my sister in laws tweens. and one undecided project for my sister in law
  13. Dh asked me to make a blanket for one of his soldiers who's wife was due last month. Dh & said friend are overseas in the military right now & well I figured dh could take it to her when he came home on r&r SO I haven't actually started it yet. Just a simple round ripple from ravelry(http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/free-smoothfoxs-beginners-round-ripple) is what I'm doing, I'd go fancier but to be honest after they told me the colors my heart just isn't in it as a baby blanket. That said it's probably why I'm staring at 3 skeins of yarn going..ugh I don't even know what would look nice or not downright ugly in these 3. The colors are dark purple, black & I chose a lighter grey(kind of silvery) for the 3rd because their entire nursery is black with dk. purple accents. Any thoughts on color switches? I hate making things that just make me shake my head
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